Skalm Solborne (Fost)
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3636 BBY

Physical Description

Human Clone




6.0 feet 1.83 meters


123 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color

Red Blue

Skin Color

Pale peach

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic



Skills and Abilities

The Force




Training, Researching the Force and Sith knowledge

Miscellaneous Information

Battered Lightsaber


Early LifeEdit

Skalm was a young boy born to an average family. He had no siblings and was a happy baby. It wasn't until is teenage years that things started to decline. 

As he grew older he noticed the strife his family had more and more, his father neglecting both him and his mother while the latter was succumbing to emotional stress an frequent breakdowns. In attempts to deal with this issue he distanced himself from others and lived in his own little world for the most part. He avoided others and others avoided him. At some point he noticed he wasn't alone: there was another voice that was his.. but wasn't his. 

Shortly after this new discovery another was made. He was force-sensitive. Upon this revelation his father suddenly started talking to him more.. about the Sith. Sith this, Sith that; everything was about the big great Sith and how they we're the biggest thing around. Big enough to cause his father to destroy his family, a thought that turned Skalms stomach and made him want to kill the raving lunatic. But he didn't, he kept his introvert lifestyle until the age of 17 when his father really began to lose it. He was obsessed with anything related to Sith history, heritage, even rituals. 

His family declined further; his mother never leaving her room in fear of being abused by his mad father. After a fight one night Skalm couldn't take it any longer: Beaten and bruised he ran from his home. Angered at what had happened, what he could have had, he did not return. He boarded a ship and escaped; crying the entire first two flights about what could have happened to his mother. Though there was no real connection considering how distant they had grown he still felt horrible for running. Eventually he became a stray, obsessed with finding some kind of purpose to make up for what had happened. To be a better person than his father was, a stronger person than his father ever was. 

After hopping planet to planet he eventually ended up at the station above Nagotan. This was the beginning of his story. 

Citadel BetrayalEdit

The smell was the first thing to jolt him to life, the smell of decomposing bodies filled his nostrils and turned his stomach. No matter what he had been through, the disgusting rotting smell was never something one could become accustomed to. The sight of them as his eyes fluttered open however, was something he had been desensitized to. Severed appendages, bloody naked bodies... it was certainly hell to the average person. One may even recoil at the sight and scream in panic, however Skalm collected himself rather naturally and shuffled under the weight of a corpse on top of him. It took him a minute to wrestle free and rise from the pile of bodies; drenched in both dry and wet blood; organs slipping free as gravity took hold of them. He rubbed his eyes, where was he? How long had it been since the Citadel? It couldn’t have been more than a week or two... there were still open wounds. 

The Academy! The explosion, the destruction... he had been picked up by a team of Citadel operatives. They returned to the Citadel, debriefed him and lead him out of the room. He remembered nothing for a brief time after that; only that he suddenly found himself in a dark cell. The Citadel... they had betrayed him. They stuck him in a cell, a guinea pig, removed the bomb in his head for safety measures... safety that he wouldn’t suddenly explode and kill scientists when they experimented on him! 

Needles, incisions, injections, vaccines... Anything they could do in an attempt to fix- no,

to fight the nanophage they tried on him. He remembered nothing but constantly being in pain and sick; they were ruthless. It was torture. Would anyone come to save him? The days dragged on and felt like years; endless pain becoming the normal everyday thing. He felt numb, why wouldn’t they just end it? He had almost died countless times, his heart stopping and starting again as they resuscitated him. How many times had he died? His personality had changed over the unbearable pain, the hope ripped from his body. The only positive thing was with this sudden dark turn for Skalm he gained control over the sudden impulses of Eco; they came to an understanding and ‘melded’. Just like the implants and genetic modifications melded to him... they replaced most of his body with cybernetic implants in an attempt to create the perfect warrior to fight the nanophage. It was an incredibly painful experience, even the blood filtered through his system was replaced. The tore every part of him apart in one way or another, replacing things as they saw fit to see what would happen and how it affected his combat performance.

”One too many...” The masked scientist proclaimed, signing the hour of death as they dragged Skalms body onto a mobile cart. The last experiment took too much out of him; this time his pulse had completely stopped and nothing they did would work. The following day his body was dumped along with the rest of the ‘failed’ test subjects. That’s where he was; they thought he was dead and simply disposed of his body in such a disrespectful way. He glared at the bodies around him in an almost inhuman way; he did not feel a thing. No pity, no sadness... they weren’t strong enough to survive this trial. He ripped the tattered cloth from the closest body and wrapped it around himself as he heard the sounds of approaching vehicles! They must have come to dump more bodies he thought as he quickly moved out of sight. It was no doubt the Citadel, he scoffed to himself and his hands shook with an untapped rage. They would pay. 

The squad of 4 approached the bodies and cast down a naked women who was battered and bruised, it was only a moment before one of them yelled out and fired his blaster as Skalm threw him to the ground with the aid of Force Speed; the momentum knocking him 3 feet away. The rest spun around and Skalm moved inwards quickly disarming one of them, firing three blaster shots in quick succession into the last man standing. He slammed the butt of the gun into the man he disarmed, smashing the front of his helmet in and breaking the man’s nose. Skalm nonchalantly turned, firing a charged blast into the man he knocked down blasting a hole straight through the man’s armor. The smell of seared flesh filled the air as the scene went back to the quiet nature it held before. Skalm disgarded the weapon and approached the vehicle. It was time to leave this hell hole. 

So he left; he escaped from the boundaries of the Citadel and went MIA for a number of months. He refrained from meeting with anyone he knew previously at the academy or institution, he had no friends. No comrades. No one was truly on his side and he had to find out where he truly belonged. He spent time in Nar shaddaa, Alderaan, Hutta while adjusting to his new body and finally returned to Nogatan where he became a ‘Sith’, the one place that still pulled at him through the force… 

Birth of Fost/CloneEdit


Fost, Skalms new identity

Skalm had fallen into a self destructive pattern after surviving the trials of the nanophage and Citadel. He became obsessed with not only the idea of power and money but a perverted desire to regain the body that was stolen from him. He spend hours, days and even weeks constantly searching for a way to regain his body and 'humanity'. He even went as far as to interrogate and kill people for information on the subject, when he finally came to the conclusion that cloning would be his best bet. Little did he know his excitement was misplaced and that not everything would go as planned. 

The cloning took place in a rather run down area past the city limits in a dangerous area that was infested with nanophage. It was an old facility used for experimental things that the Citadel had abandoned using. With the help of some not so legitimate scientists and workers and Siobhans loan they began the process immediately with an experimental procedure. It used new, untested ways to clone with dangerous chemical combinations in its conception to accelerate the cloning to an unbelievable speed. The downside, as is with most clones was the fact the clone would be highly unstable mentally. Even more so than Skalm himself already was; but this didn't bother Skalm at all considering he only wanted the body. In that fact came the biggest issue delivered to him on the day of the clones completion: They couldn't place him in the body. It was too risky. 

Skalm reacted rashly, destroying much of the experimental machinery and killing almost all of the scientists in a blind rage at his goal being so close within his reach just to be shattered once more. The only thing left in this destructive wake was the clone of Skalm. The original Skalm quickly left the scene of destruction and disappeared without a trace to find another way to regain his body; his mind entirely consumed with this idea. The clone, Skalm Solborne, had been imprinted with many of the originals memories but reacted oddly to them. He didn't consider himself to be the same person and rejected the idea that they were his memories. This caused him to differentiate himself from the original and become more of his own person; but he still felt guilty for the betrayal of the original and felt indebted to Siobhan for creating him.

Skalm was found in the wastes, which were ravaged by the nanophage, by Kure Sideralis (formally known to him as Kure Ravenlocke in the Academy). Skalm, taking one of his guards hostage pulled a blaster on the man and demanded to know the reason they were after him. Learning that his former 'employer', Chen Karnok (Then known as Lady Siobhan) was looking for his whereabouts (more importantly, the original Skalms whereabouts) he agreed to go with the man and his escort to the desert planet known as Tatooine. There he followed them in a plan to gain infromation, where he blacked out and Eco took over his personality: Revealing the fact that Eco survived through the memory imprint and remembered everything. After a brutal display of bloodshed between Aahri Crane and Eco, they met up with Kure and the hapan slave Ta'ael once more after Skalm regained control and they left the planet. Surprisingly, Kure reported that the clone of Skalm was infact KIA which allowed him to escape the clutches of his creators mistakes. Taking this as an opprotunity to create his own life and his own self, he threw away the name Skalm Solborn and adopted the alias of "Fost", donning an assortment of Sith clothing and armor that covered him from head to toe with his sight set on bigger things than ever before.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Fost is a calm and collected individual, cold and calculating to those he considers strangers or potential enemies (Chaotic Neutral). Hes intelligent and a very motivated person, his fascination in the Force constantly pulling him to different places, people and planets in search for the great answers to the greatest mysteries of the Force and the Dark Side without being entirely consumed by it. To those he considers friends Fost is a very friendly person, though very selfish. Unless they meant a great deal to him it would not be out of the question for him to sacrifice his friends in order to gain favor or some kind of reward; using his wits and things he has learned to gain advantage over others and propell himself forwards. He is often found in libraries and other various places of knowledge on his downtime.

Although he heavily burries himself in knowledge of the Dark Side he has yet to allow himself to be completely consumed by it. He believes that theres value in knowing how it works and how to use it, even the details about the light side of the force however he does not use them as a Sith who prides himself on being both "Sith" and an "Imperial". Though he learns about the force as a whole, he tends to feed his force powers with controlled emotions instead of a calm technique as thats the only way he has ever done it.

Fost is very loyal to the Empire and the Emperor, he does not often question the decisions made by the council or the Emperor and despite his views on the Force they do not prevent him from being a Sith. He understands who his enemies are and what he will have to potentially do for power/to get ahead in the world of the Sith and tries to balance his ideals, morals and objectives fairly.. or at least as fair as he possibly can.


"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall in an open sewer and die."

Eco is what the average person would consider the pure incarnation of evil. He is a chaotic evil type personality, willing to kill just about anyone or anything just for the fact that he could.. or that they may have looked at him funny, or breathed funny. He fits under the comedic sociopath tvtrope, often seen displaying acts of childlike nature but also being a ruthless sociopath who likes to peel the skin from his enemies fingers if only just to hear them scream. He takes delight in what he does, whether its putting someone off guard with his casual skipping or his odd mannerisms and gestures (IE: Constantly getting into peoples personal space to bother them).

Physical DescriptionEdit


Fost's 'casual' robes/w Mask

Fost is a lean male standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 123 lbs without armor or weapons. He has fare complexion and is incredibly pale from both natural skin color and slight manipulation of the dark side. He has long black hair that reaches his eyes though he tends to keep it out of his face if he is not wearing his mask (then he will have it pushed back). He has heterochromia, though his eye color is slightly different than his original: One eye being blue whilst the other is a dull redish yellow. Without his typical robes/armor on he looks like an average 18 year old boy, too young to be considered a Sith or experienced fighter. But with his armor/robes on he stands as an intimidating figure clad in dark colored clothes from head to toe with a mask that resembles that of a skeleton and gives his voice an eerie synthetic feel.


Fost is equipped currently with a battered lightsaber hilt, green in color that his previous self had recieved from his former master. He also owns a rather cheap vibrosword that he (Eco) stole from a Black Sun gang member on Tatooine, though since acquiring his lightsaber once more he does not often carry it around with him unless the situation/location calls for no chances. He usually wears a light weight chest piece that is part of a set to his robes and mask, though they offer no real benefit to him in terms of defense.

Old republic-saber


Timeline (Threads)Edit


Resolving Difficulties


The Ability to Adapt

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

A Murky Excursion

Sick Excursion

Rude Awakenings


A Bleak Future

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