Sorche starka by mandogirl22-d6f9fme

Sorche Starska

Sorche Starka is the cousin of Marrika Nerys, Namari Nerys and Kiara Nerys. She is the second cousin of Natasi Nerys. Sorche is a rare Miraluka/Faberian hybrid, her mother was a Faberian while her father was a Miraluka.


She is an attractive young woman with a slender and fairly muscular build. Sorche has a tanned complexion. She has long black hair that is pulled back in a braid. 

Biography Edit

Sorche was actually raised by a Corellian smuggler named Kyr Starkar until it was revealed that she was Force-sensitive and sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant were she was trained how to use the Force. Sorche later joins the Prophets, a Faberian group of Force-sensitives. She is the offspring of a Miraluka male and a Faberian female and because she is an alien hybrid, Sorche is considered to be way lower than the women who fathers were human but weren’t Faberian.

Armor and equipmentEdit

She carries twin blue bladed lightsabers that has silver handles.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sorche, like all Faberians, is very strong willed, stubborn and sarcastically funny. Sorche generally exhibits an upbeat and carefree personality. She is also very loyal to her friends; as she is even willing to risk her life help them. Sorche firmly believes in the Jedi code, she hasn't formed any attachments with anyone, especially romantic ones. 

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