Taber was a Taber was a Force-imbued planet located in the Sednain Rift in the Faberian sector in Unknown


Regions. It was the home planet of the Taberians and possibly midichlorian life forms. Taber was a harsh world that is covered by savannah. Taber is the brother planet to Saber and Faber, as such both races call each other brothers and sisters.

Geographic FeaturesEdit

The climate of Taber ranges from tropical to subarctic on its highest peaks. Its northern half is primarily desert or arid, while its central and southern areas contain both savanna plains and very dense jungle (rainforest) regions. Taber is the second hottest planet in the Faberian sector; drylands and deserts comprise 60% of the entire land surface.


Early historyEdit

Taber was founded by Force-sensitive human colonists, no knows what planet they originally came from as they did not keep records of their creation that goes that far back and as the Taberians were getting into power they were always being invaded but had managed to ward off their would-be invaders until the Great Sith War.

First Great Sith WarEdit

The Jedi and Sith brought the war to the Faberian Sector and nearly wiped the three races into extinction. After the Great Sith War, Saber was badly damaged and had gone into a deep trance to heal its wound, though the Saberians were not affected by this but they too were trying to heal the injuries that they had received as well. 

Mandalorian WarsEdit

The three planets were invaded by Mandalorian Empire and were almost driven to its knees and using guerrilla tactics, the Faberians, Taberians and Saberians were able to drive the Mandalorian Empire from their sector.

Second Great Galactic WarEdit

The three planets were invaded by the Sith Empire but after a long fight they were getting the upper hand and then had turned around and drove the Sith Empire out of the Faberian Sector. 

Cold War (Post-Great Galactic War)Edit

Light battles between the Sith Empire and the Faberian Empire were happening during the Cold War as the Sith Empire tried to make the Faberian Empire submit to Sith rule.

New Sith WarsEdit

The three planets was dragged into the New Sith Wars when a Sith fleet lead by Lord Kaan appeared outside their system and tried to invade Faber, Taber and Saber but was driven back by both guerrilla armies.

Clone WarsEdit

The Three planets was brought into the Clone Wars, Saber and Faber didn't join either side, it remained neutral and fought against Separatist using weapons that they had bought from other planets.  

Declaration of a New OrderEdit

The three planets sort of withdraw from the rest of the galaxy with a declaration of war when Emperor Palpatine had the Faberian Empress Regnant T'lana assassinated and put an outsider on the throne of Faber, the Faberians, Taberians and Saberians retaliated by sending the heart of the false ruler back to Emperor Palpatine. 

Galactic Civil WarEdit

The three planets, despite the death of the Empress Regnant, is still neutral during this point. The Faberians, Taberians and Saberians were hostile towards the Galactic Empire.

The New RepublicEdit

The three planets is not a part of the Republic or what is left of the Empire, both planets are still neutral planets as it always had been and is not interested in forming any allegiance to any planet.

Galactic AllianceEdit

Faber, Taber, and Saber were still not a part of the Galactic Alliance. 

The Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

The three planets were brought into the Yuuzhan Vong war because of the force-sensitive natives that lived on it.

The Swarm WarEdit

The three planets were brought into the Swarm war because the Faberians and Saberians feared that Faber and Saber were going to be invaded once again so in order to make sure that it didn't happen again they joined this war.

The Second Galactic Civil WarEdit

The three planets were brought into the Second Galactic civil war because of the close ties that the Empress Regnant has with the Skywalkers and Solos. 

Sith-Imperial WarEdit

The three planets at this time were dealing with its own problems; pirates were trying to invade Faber. And The New Sith Empire had ordered an genocide against the Faberians, Taberians and Saberians, ordering that they were all to be killed.


The main and only inhabitants of Taber were the Taberians, a culturally distinct branch of humans that all had impressive force abilities. There are Faberian and Taberian hybrids as well as Saberian and Taberian hybrids.

Fauna and FloraEdit

Taberian Jha’durs is a canine-like creature with black fur all over their bodies. They had extremely sharp teeth that ran along the length of their snout, with four fangs protruding over their lower lip, each ending in a double point. And they have a long whiplike tails. Their claws are 5 inches long and are very sharp. Though they are different from Faberian and Saberian Jha’durs in only one feature: They have a long, distinct mane down the midline of the neck and back. The mane is raised during confrontations in order to make the Jha’dur appear larger. 


According to some reports, Taberian motivations for hunting are not just for sport, but rather for honor, with the species having developed a whole tribal culture around their status at the top of the food chain, as the ultimate Taberian. Their code of honor dictates what makes a worthy adversary, and thus will make a Taberian or clan more respected.Taberian clans have been known to be governed by a Council of Ancients which consists of the oldest of their race. Their word is considered law and they ensure that the many clans follow the law. Inter-clan warfare is watched over by the Ancients and they decide matters such as which planet is considered a clans hunting ground.

Culture and SocietyEdit

Taberian culture revolves around the stalking and hunting of dangerous lifeforms. Taberians primarily hunt neither for sustenance nor elimination of threats, but purely as a means of entertainment and proof of worth. As such, they will only attack life forms that have the ability, natural or technological, to provide them with a challenge. Indeed, Taberians will often travel great distances to find worthy opponents, or seek out ways in which to attract or transport such prey to them. When travelling to other locations, Taberians are often drawn by intense heat and armed conflict. Taberians have been known to use other non-sentient species as tools to aid them in their hunts, including Jha’durs. On occasion, if a particularly worthy member of a sentient species is found on a hunt, Taberians will systematically eliminate those who are close to the intended target in an attempt to enrage them and increase the challenge of the final confrontation.After making a kill, a Taberian will mutilate the corpse and turn it into a trophy. This can involve skinning or decapitating the carcass, or even removing all of the bones from the body altogether. One typical means of displaying a kill is to hang the flayed body upside down from a great height. Skulls and sometimes spinal cords are routinely removed and collected, and can commonly be found displayed on board Taberian vessels or even worn about the Taberian's person if size permits this.Despite the ferocity and brutality with which Taberians hunt and kill their prey, they adhere to a strict code of honor that forbids them from killing children or unarmed adults. They have also been known to spare pregnant women and those with terminal illnesses, although they will not hesitate to kill such targets if directly attacked by them. An outsider who has managed to kill a Taberian in single combat is often spared and even rewarded with a gift (often a rare or exotic weapon) as a sign of respect. In even rarer cases, an outsider who has fought valiantly alongside a Taberian may be similarly honored.

Failure in a hunt typically results in the Taberian committing honorable suicide, usually through the detonation of their Wrist Gauntlet's self-destruct mechanism, which may simultaneously be used as a last-ditch attempt to kill their prey. This explosion is also intended to wipe out all traces of the Taberian and prevent their technology from falling into the hands of their prey, an occurrence which is considered a huge affront by Taberian society and typically results in the Taberian responsible being banished. Should they be killed, a Taberian's ship will return automatically to the homeworld, taking with it a record of the individual's hunt, recorded through their Bio-Mask.Taberian culture revolves around the Hunt. They do not hunt to eliminate threats or for food (at least this is not the main reason) but for honor, sport and the thrill of the hunt. To Taberians, no hunt meant any will to live. Taberian mark themselves with the blood of their kill. The symbol varying with each clan.Combat between Taberians is generally not permitted as the focus of their species is to kill and hunt other life forms. Certain Taberian clans have been known to take unorthodox approaches such as accepting humans into their clans. Inter-clan rivalries and internal mutinies have also been known to happen, and the Taberian culture has not always been witnessed as being totally uniform.

Rarely, some Taberians have been known to kill (or attempt to kill) unarmed men, women and children, often in dishonorable ways such as ambushes or shooting their quarry in the back. Note however these may be renegade clans.The Taberian society operates a class system, nominally based on an individual’s hunting experience and prowess.

Character traitsEdit

Taberians are a warrior race, they are very honorable as they do not harm unarmed men, women and children and find it dishonorable to ambush or shooting their quarry in the back.


They have a trading economy; they mainly trade the hides of the animals that they killed.