Taberians were a group of Human Force-sensitives native to the planet Taber, in the Faberian sector. 
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A Taberian


Taberians are all Force-sensitive. All Taberians have very good night vision; their nights are extremely dark. They were also gifted with impressive physical abilities that made them natural athletes, included being capable of running great distances at great speeds for long periods of time, and being able to jump vast distances, comparable to the Force-enhanced jumps employed by members of the Jedi Order. Taberians have keen hearing and excellent sense of smell. The Taberians are quiet as they move; they are an uncanny ability to walk silently across rocks and pebbles.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Taberians have black hair that is thick and long, their hair is styled in a half-bun that has gold hair ornaments holding it back.

The Taberians have a tanned complexion, due to the sunlight on Taber, and gold eyes. They have white markings on their bodies which contrasts nicely with their tanned complexion.

Taberians' bodies are muscular in appearance; this is mainly because of their life style. The male Taberians men tower over their female counterparts, they are tall in height, ranging from 6' to 6'10".


Taberians got into many wars over the centuries, but they were almost wiped out completely when the Sith invaded Faberian Sector during the Great Sith War and that took many years of fighting and in the end, all three races won but the damage had been already done to their planets.

Society and politicsEdit


Taberians have a heavy, gravely accent. Their language is hard to speak and because of their Force-sensitivity, they can understand other languages. 


According to some reports, Taberian motivations for hunting are not just for sport, but rather for honor, with the species having developed a whole tribal culture around their status at the top of the food chain, as the ultimate Taberian. Their code of honor dictates what makes a worthy adversary, and thus will make a Taberian or clan more respected.

Taberian clans have been known to be governed by a Council of Ancients which consists of the oldest of their race. Their word is considered law and they ensure that the many clans follow the law. Inter-clan warfare is watched over by the Ancients and they decide matters such as which planet is considered a clans hunting ground.


They don’t have a military like the Faberians but the Taberians do have their Elite Warriors.

Culture and SocietyEdit

Taberian culture revolves around the stalking and hunting of dangerous lifeforms. Taberians primarily hunt neither for sustenance nor elimination of threats, but purely as a means of entertainment and proof of worth. As such, they will only attack life forms that have the ability, natural or technological, to provide them with a challenge. Indeed, Taberians will often travel great distances to find worthy opponents, or seek out ways in which to attract or transport such prey to them. When travelling to other locations, Taberians are often drawn by intense heat and armed conflict. Taberians have been known to use other non-sentient species as tools to aid them in their hunts, including Jha’durs. On occasion, if a particularly worthy member of a sentient species is found on a hunt, Taberians will systematically eliminate those who are close to the intended target in an attempt to enrage them and increase the challenge of the final confrontation.

After making a kill, a Taberian will mutilate the corpse and turn it into a trophy. This can involve skinning or decapitating the carcass, or even removing all of the bones from the body altogether. One typical means of displaying a kill is to hang the flayed body upside down from a great height. Skulls and sometimes spinal cords are routinely removed and collected, and can commonly be found displayed on board Taberian vessels or even worn about the Taberian's person if size permits this.

Despite the ferocity and brutality with which Taberians hunt and kill their prey, they adhere to a strict code of honor that forbids them from killing children or unarmed adults. They have also been known to spare pregnant women and those with terminal illnesses, although they will not hesitate to kill such targets if directly attacked by them. An outsider who has managed to kill a Taberian in single combat is often spared and even rewarded with a gift (often a rare or exotic weapon) as a sign of respect. In even rarer cases, an outsider who has fought valiantly alongside a Taberian may be similarly honored.

Failure in a hunt typically results in the Faberian committing honorable suicide, usually through the detonation of their Wrist Gauntlet's self-destruct mechanism, which may simultaneously be used as a last-ditch attempt to kill their prey. This explosion is also intended to wipe out all traces of the Taberian and prevent their technology from falling into the hands of their prey, an occurrence which is considered a huge affront by Taberian society and typically results in the Taberian responsible being banished. Should they be killed, a Taberian's ship will return automatically to the homeworld, taking with it a record of the individual's hunt, recorded through their Bio-Mask.

Taberian culture revolves around the Hunt. They do not hunt to eliminate threats or for food (at least this is not the main reason) but for honor, sport and the thrill of the hunt. To Taberians, no hunt meant any will to live. Taberian mark themselves with the blood of their kill. The symbol varying with each clan.

Combat between Taberians is generally not permitted as the focus of their species is to kill and hunt other life forms. Certain Taberian clans have been known to take unorthodox approaches such as accepting humans into their clans. Inter-clan rivalries and internal mutinies have also been known to happen, and the Taberian culture has not always been witnessed as being totally uniform.

Rarely, some Taberians have been known to kill (or attempt to kill) unarmed men, women and children, often in dishonorable ways such as ambushes or shooting their quarry in the back. Note however these may be renegade clans.

The Taberian society operates a class system, nominally based on an individual’s hunting experience and prowess.


The Taberian religion was very important to the Taberians. They were devout and had only one goddess which the call the Black One. The Black One wears a black full length cloak that covers her entire body and part of her head; the part that her cloak's hood doesn't cover is her lower face which reveals a very beautiful. All Taberians carry a small statue in her likeness and worship her before going on any journey since she is believed to protect all her children, the Saberians including the ones that have been exiled which are called the Fallen Ones.


The Taberians are a highly advanced technological species, evident through their vast array of weaponry and equipment. Taberians are extremely protective of their technology, and will go to great lengths in order to prevent others from obtaining it, even to the point of self-destruction. Various mask designs are used by the Taberians. These masks contain a variety of functions which the Taberians may require during a hunt. As well as protecting the Taberian's head, the mask acts as a respirator. It has a sound amplifier, multiple vision modes, a zoom function, some diagnostic capabilities and a recording system. The masks have been shown to have access to several different visual frequencies, the most commonly seen being infrared. Infrared is effective for tracking many alien species. Also available is an ultraviolet spectrum and a specifically tuned EM Field Detector mode used to track some creatures on their home planet of Taber. Additional vision modes are available to determine the health condition of targets. Housed within the helmet is a targeting and tracking system for shoulder based plasma casters. A shoulder mounted plasma caster uses this laser target designator, which comprises three corners of an open triangle, to aim at the designated prey. Incorporated to finalize the shot is a lock-on system. As the quarry is decided upon, the designator will zoom a triangle in on the prey from the HUD, which will flash and turn solid red, then fires. This also has a zoom capability so the Taberians can see and aim over great distances. This tracking system also allows the Taberians to plot trajectories of thrown objects. Another feature of the Taberian's mask is its voice translator/recorder. This device can both record and play strips of audio, which a Taberian may use to express meaning or catch prey off guard, or to simply listen to the voices of their prey, as if to study their language. The helmet also has a video playback mode that displays what the wearer has witnessed or been involved in. The Taberian's mask offered four types of vision and varying diagnostic functions for each: Normal Vision, which was the same as a human and had no diagnostic; Thermal Vision, which highlighted heat signatures and could analyze health and armour weaknesses in prey; Tech vision, which contrasted energy sources, and analyzed a prey's weapon systems; and Neuro Vision, which exposed the prey's current emotional status (calm, panicking, hostile, etc.) and, on scan, would show the target's affiliation and rank. Cloaking Device is typically reserved for hunts against quarry which shoot back, the cloaking device is controlled via the Taberian's wrist-computer and provides the Taberian with active camouflage, bending light around the wearer and projecting a semi-transparent image in front of the Taberian, rendering it partially invisible. It is not perfect, as close observation will reveal the light-distortion effect around the user. The device is also used to mask Taberian ships moving within enemy territories. The cloaking device does have some weaknesses; though effective in dry terrain, contact with water will render the device inoperable, as will damage to any of the Taberian's electronic equipment. The device actually highlights and magnifies the Taberian's presence when passing in front of a campfire. The device works by bending light around the cloaked body, with the light seeming to pass straight through. It is slightly distorted and refracted, but produces a very good camouflage at long ranges. At short ranges, light has to be refracted through the entire cross section of a Taberian body. This means the distortion of light around the cloaked body will be noticeable and render the cloak ineffective in close combat.

The Medi-Kit is a small case that contains various medical supplies should the Taberian ever be injured. This healing kit contains enough tools to perform minor surgery and repair superficial wounds. Among the medical supplies are vials of liquid which, when mixed with heated minerals, creates a regenerative sludge that can be used to cauterize wounds. Also contained are a shrapnel extractor, wound staplers, one stimulant shot, and one antiseptic tube. The port-com is short for portable computer which shows the schematics of some determined object or building, as well as working like a positioning unit. When activated it displays a miniature which is projected out of the wrist computer as a 3-dimensional holographic image. The port-com will also display the position of laser nets and mines in the area, as well as their projected area of effect. The Plasma Caster is a long range energy projector capable of guiding armor-penetrating plasma bolts at distant targets. Moreover, the weapon's bolts explode in a burst of plasma shrapnel that damages other enemies near the point of impact. By default, the weapon's attack range is greater than the Taberian's visual range. Wrist Blades are the weapon of choice for most Taberians. They are retractable, usually twin serrated blades between six and eighteen inches in length and two to eight inches wide. These deadly weapons are sharp enough to cut through bone and are intended for use against unarmored combatants. As a last resort, they can be fired as a projectile from the wrist gauntlet. Another basic weapon of the Taberians. The Taberian Spear is a telescopic spear-like weapon that is about 2–2.5 ft long when closed up and around 6–8 ft long when fully extended. These extendable weapons are perfect for impaling aliens and humans at great distances when thrown.

The Taberian Disc is an extremely sharp circular weapon that acts as a combination of discus and boomerang, and apparently contains some form of guidance system. This weapon is extremely powerful, shown to cut through half a dozen nerf carcasses and a man in quick succession without any effort. It also has a hand grip for use as a slashing melee weapon as well. A handheld device capable of firing a wire net with sufficient velocity to hurl and pin a target to a wall. The net also features a built-in tightening mechanism that will cause the net to retract and slice into the target once they are pinned.

The Wrist Gauntlet (or the Wrist Bracer or Wrist Computer) is possibly the Taberian's most valuable tool. The wrist mounted console houses several features necessary to the hunt, including a devastating self-destruct device. It is also used to cycle the Taberian's vision modes. The Port-Com is a computer housed in the wrist console, which projects holographic schematics of a particular object or building. As well as functioning as a global positioning unit. The port-com can also display the position (and damage radius) of mines or laser nets in the area. A small plasma bolt can be fired from the Taberian's left wrist gauntlet, which seems to be only moderately effective when compared to the Plasma Caster, but still causes a reasonable amount of damage. The Taberians have access to an array of proximity-activated mines, both using conventional explosives and cutting lasers.

The whip is a fast moving Taberian weapon. A segmented hand-held bull whip that wraps around a target, and once pulled taut is capable of cutting it in half. The Shuriken functions much like the Smart-Disc, except without the return function or guidance systems. The Shuriken's retractable blades extend when ready for use, and it can also be used as a handheld slashing weapon.

It can be used as an alternative for the Taberian Spear. It looks very similar to the Faberian Spear, but with a large blade on the each end rather than strong pointed tips. In this respect it is used much like a sword with cutting blows rather than a bone crushing powerful spear like the Taberian spear. It can be used as a single-handed or double-handed weapon. In effect, it's a double-edged axe that can fold away, like the maul. The Maul is a very long (about 5 1/2 feet), barbed blade that the Taberian holds in his/hers hands or slips onto his/hers arm. When held, the direction of the user's arm is in the same direction as the blade (the weapon is much like a nightstick). These blades are very powerful and can easily slice anything in half. The blades can be folded in half with a 'snapping' action and when they are held upside down, they are longer in the back, which makes them perfect for a backwards stab. The maul can be used in combination with the Wrist Blades.