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Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Physical Description

Hapan (Near-Human)







Hair Color

Auburn (Red-Brown)

Eye Color




Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic

Relationship Information

Kure Sideralis


Dali Ono

Skills and Abilities

Basic + Hapan

  • Vengeance
  • Manipulation
  • Slavers
Miscellaneous Information
Theme Song

Pride - High and Mighty Color

"I will not be a slave to any man!"


Enemies At HomeEdit

Newly created, the Hapes Consortium was unstable at best, the lifestyle of the women being filled with plotting; everyone longed to be of high class status, to be part of the Consortium, to have power. Those that made up the lower classes were treated indifferently, having a hard life in ways different than those of higher classes. The most common practice was to order the assassination of someone if it meant you could advance your rank, your status.

As an only child, it was a great honor she was chosen to enter the Consortium, but at the time, the decision came down to her and one other: Dali Ono. They were rivals, vying for the single available spot as a Consort to the Queen Mother, and it was not taken well by the other woman when Tae'el was chosen over her.

Enslavement And FreedomEdit

Wanting the woman out of the way, wanting her to suffer, Dali Ono arranged for Tae'el to be kidnapped by pirates with the intention to sell her as a slave instead of simply having her assassinated. Using their night blindness to their advantage, the pirates invaded the Consortium, knocking the Hapan out in order to smuggle her to their ship and out of the Hapes cluster.

With the disappearance of Tae'el, Dali Ono was given the once again available spot.

Proving to be an issue for the kidnappers, the femme was constantly blindfolded so that all she could do was kick and thrash about, crying out for help while being pulled along by the chain leash connected to a collar that marked her as a slave for sale.

While on an undercover mission, Kure Sideralis met a high ranking officer of the Black Sun organization at a slave auction on Tatooine.  Tae'el happened to be one that was up for bid, and though she was good looking, she was fiesty to the point that she bit off a customer's finger when they went to "examine" her.  This caused quite a ruckus, but it appealed to the Black Sun officer, and she bought the Hapan, gifting her to the man escorting her.  How she was being treated had struck a cord in the male, and his facade quickly changed, chaos ensuing; fights broke out between owners and slaves and slavers, the near-human debating on making an escape but choosing - for an unknown reason - to stick around and remain at her "master's" side. 


Instant sexual tension and the butting of heads as both Kure and the Hapan tried to be the dominant of the two forced out common ground and appreciation for one another.  They discovered through talking and shouting, threatening the other even, that both were raised in a Sith-like political world where one was never sure if they would live or die that day.  Not only that, but both longed for revenge and power, each bringing out a darker side in their newfound comrade.

Force AbilitiesEdit

It was out of spite for being treated as a slave, for being looked down upon despite being under cover with the man that brought out skill she never knew she had.  Hating how she was constantly being shocked, how it made her body convulse, how it pained her slightly, the woman lashed out, but what leaped from her fingers was lightning, the electricity damaging herself and Kure.  He gained a new respect for her, and she grew starved for more power, her hopes high of returning to the Consortium and lashing out at all whom opposed her.  Unfortunately it would take training as since that moment she hadn't been able to bring out this Force Power again, for it had been a reaction of her pent up strong emotions at the given time. 

Only when she could find someone worthy to teach her would she be able to discover more hidden talent.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Typically found wearing a gown of sorts with a veil, she appeared modest yet alluring. Her hair consists of brown and red hues with sun-kissed streaks of gold visible in varying light, her eyes looking like a storm with their intensity, a view port to her emotions and thoughts. Plush red lips contrast against her soft pale skin, her body having slight curves that are often accented by her outfits.



Raised to have the mindset that women were dominant, that they had to be clever, had to make men think they were in charge when in reality it was the female, even to this day Tae'el feels men should be ruled by women. Whenever she sees a woman doing all a man bids, it gets her blood flowing, and she can't help but push her ideals onto the other, trying to "right inferior societies".

Loyal to those that help her, the femme makes for a good friend and companion despite her lack of knowledge and abilities when it comes to battle. Enemies beware, however, for she can harbor a grudge for a long period of time, and live her life for the sole purpose of gaining revenge.

Not to mention Tae'el is vain to a fault, going so far as getting sick to her stomach when she sees thsoe she deems as unattractive.  She wishes death on all "ugly" beings.


  • Thread One - brought to slave trade and is now owned by Kure.
  • Thread Two - betrayal leads to being marred, her beauty lessening.
  • Thread Three - on a mission with Kure, she has to act out her role as a slave only to find she has abilities in the Force
  • Thread Four - Tae'el learns of Kure's true master, her path to greater power now beginning.

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