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Thalassi was born a slave, the childhood companion of Niya Venorryn. She was sold once Niya mysteriously left home and has had many masters since then. She dreams of one day escaping her bonds and becoming a pilot, with the freedom a ship gives to go and do whatever she wants.



Born into BondageEdit

Thalassi's mother was a Nautolan slave in a brothel. She was considered beautiful and desireable by many. She didn't know which man it was that caused her to get pregnant. It could have been any number of eager clients. It didn't really matter. What mattered was she lost her position because of an expanding stomach. Sold to the aristocratic Venorryn family as a handmaiden, the mother was allowed to care for her daughter until Thalassi turned six.

At the age of six, Thalassi was taken from her mother and introduced to the world of slavery. Luckily, the Venorryn family was not cruel to its slaves, and she was assigned to be a playmate for their only daughter and the darling of the aristocracy, Niya Venorryn.

Slave to a Spoiled SephiEdit

Thalassi and Niya grew up together as best friends. Thalassi served her faithfully, and a bond of affection solidified between them over the years. However, Thalassi was never allowed to forget that she was a slave, and could be executed, or worse, at the whim of her masters.

Abandoned and AloneEdit

At the age of 21, Thalassi woke up one day and Niya was gone. Thalassi was given no explanation or information about where she was. She was treated with high suspicion, imprisoned and interrogated about an assassination, and her part in it. Thalassi maintained her innocence, devestated by the sudden turn of events. 

Thalassi was sold to a new Master, forced to leave the closest thing she'd ever had to a home and family behind. Her new Master was cruel and irritable, subjecting her to regular beatings to remind her of her station. After four months, she was sold again. This began a cycle of buying and selling that lasted a year as Thalassi was transported from planet to planet and Master to Master, never wanted for very long.

Of Hutts and HopelessnessEdit

Thalassi was finally bought by a Hutt crime lord on Nal Hutta. Her duties were repulsive, forced to serve the Hutt's every need and whim. She learned how to dance, how to please her Master, how to entertain his guests. She learned to curse the beauty she inherited from her mother, and grew mistrustful and suspicious of everyone around her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The idea for Thalassi and her backstory came as a moment of brilliance for her writer while in the shower.
  • The name "Thalassi" is derived from the Koine Greek word "Thalassa" meaning "sea", which is a nod to her nautolan roots.
  • Thalassi's green skin is inspired by her writer's fondness for the colour green.

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