Crimson Envy
Crimson Envy
Production information

Impedius-class Luxury Yacht



Technical specifications

84.5 metres


22 metres

Engine unit(s)
  • 2 Sublight Engines
  • 4 Hyperdrive Engines


Cargo capacity



Personal Starship


The Old Republic

Earliest sighting

DWH: The First Course


Pravus Axiom

Known owner(s)
  • Intersun Cruises
  • Instructor Eidolon

The Intersun

"Not any more. She is to be given a new designation, which I have already cleared through the proper authorities. You may call her the Crimson Envy."
- Lucian Eidolon to his pilot Romeo

The Crimson Envy is a luxury yacht that Instructor Eidolon uses as his regular transport. It was originally called the Intersun, until it was acquired by Lucian for his personal use.


The Intersun CruisesEdit

It was used by the Intersun Cruises to transport first class passengers through hyperspace from Alderaan to Coruscant and return. It was used in this function over the space of several years, leaving Coruscant on its return only moments before the Sacking of Coruscant in 3,653 BBY. The company Intersun Cruises continued this operation until months after the Sacking, when business declined as the Cold War hit its peak. The operation was forced into bankruptcy, and the aptly named Intersunwas sold off to the highest bidder.

Taxi Edit

The next owner of the shuttle was a nineteen year old business man whom had aspirations of taxi-ing people across the galaxy, at a fee. This business idea lasted only two months before the owner was forced to sell the shuttle on again - this time landing in the hands of Lucian Eidolon.

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