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The True Empire
Political Information
Head of State

Emperor Cideon

Executive Branch
  • The Dark Council
  • Circle of Governors
Legislative Branch

Dominion of Authorities

Judicial Branch

Dominion of Justice


Dominion of Military Strategy

Societal Information


Official Language

Galactic Basic


Imperial Credit

State Religious Body


Historical Information
Formed From

The Black Empire

Date of Establishment

3,672 BBY

Date of Reorganization

3,644 BBY


The Old Republic

Pravus Axiom is a powerful, secret Sith organization, run by a council of leaders, and made up of strong dark side force users. The organization was founded by the dark lord Galaksi, in 3,638 BBY, on the planet Corellia. The dark Emperor Brahlis Lydeck now governs the ruling council, which is headquartered on the planet Nogatan.

The Empire employs a variety of methods to enforce its' will on others, including the use of spies and assassins, and keeps a hand in nearly every affair within the galaxy. Pravus Axiom also maintains a large fleet of capital ships and cruisers, along with smaller transports and fighters.


Early yearsEdit

At age six, the Jedi now known only as Galaksi began training at the Temple on Coruscant, per instructions from his father. He was the son of Teran Yeger, a powerful Nar Shadaan crime lord reknowned for his ruthlessness and extreme wealth. He had sent Galaksi to be trained as a Jedi, only so that he could exploit his son's power in the future.

Galaksi showed a profound natural ability to communicate and control the force; so much so, that he was quickly chosen as an Apprentice to a Zabrak Jedi Master, named Serrel. Serrel quickly noticed, however, that Galaksi also showed a disturbing amount of anger during his training duels. Serrel had known of Teran Yeger's notorious lack of patience, and strived to warn Galaksi of following the dark path. His cries fell on deaf ears, however, when Galaksi struck down Serrel during a spar, becoming so enraged that he overwhelmed the Jedi Master in hatred. Realizing what he had done, Galaksi fled the temple.

Time in exileEdit

After fleeing from Coruscant, Galaksi took up residence on Corellia, and joined a crime syndicate called the Dark Exiles. The outfit was run by former Jedi padawans who had either left the Order, or had been exiled, as Galaksi himself had been.

Quickly asserting dominance over his peers, he became the most gifted of the group. With his support, their power grew, eventually becoming a small army of thousands.

Hostile takeoverEdit

Seeing an opportunity in the making, Galaksi returned to his father on Nar Shadaa, and showed him the extent of his power - just before killing him. As Yeger's only son, Galaksi inherited his father's wealth, and returned to Corellia. With his enormous financial support, he overthrew the Dark Exile's leadership easily, and assumed total control over the organization.

Using his new army, Galaksi invaded his father's palace on Nar Shadaa, and without firing a single shot, took over as the new head of the family regime. He then combined the two organizations, christening the superpower: The Black Empire.

After the merger of the two groups, Galaksi moved all operations to Corellia, and established a hidden base of operations deep in the jungle. Most of the complex would be hidden underground, and connected by countless tunnels and hallways.

The Black EmpireEdit

In 3,638 BBY, the Emperor Galaksi began recruiting new Sith outcasts and Jedi exiles. Having the large amount of personnel at his disposal, he established a military structure within the Empire, to more easily command his army. Appointed as the heads of the army, were the Sith Knights Hysteria and John Rico.

The Emperor also reformed the recruitment system. He established the first Sith Academy in the name of The Black Empire, and appointed Decimus as its' Commander. Decimus would serve over a young Lieutenant named Oskidon Kolilo whilst training new recruits absolute loyalty to their Emperor, and to the Black Empire.

Eventually, Hysteria is demoted, and a twi'lek male known as Shem-Rah Boo takes his place. Lieutenant Oskid is taken by Galaksi as the first Hand of the Emperor; second only to Galaksi.


Over time, a select few people were recruited, and would later serve in shaping the face of the Empire for future generations to come. The Kel Dorian, Rune Marr, a young Sith named Brahlis Lydeck, a soldier known as Pollux Troy, and another twi'lek Jedi named Sazuba Aldron became servants of the Empire within a year.

They advanced within the organization's command structure, while other members were demoted for various failures. The man Lydeck was promoted to Sith Master, and Troy was made a Sergeant within the army. The next year, a powerful Sith noble named Vakar Sadarii is accepted into the Black Empire. Eventually, Sadarii would be taken as an apprentice to Master Lydeck. As such, he performed beyond expectations, and showed great promise within the guild.

That same year, the Hand of the Emperor was removed from his position, with lethal force. Failing to perform up to the standards set by a Sith Lord, he was slaughtered by his own master, Galaksi, in a shocking turn of events. Before the smoke settled, Brahlis Lydeck was chosen as the Apprentice to the Emperor. Galaksi would spend much time molding Lydeck into the leader he was to become.

In time, things changed. The Emperor Galaksi saw fit to restructure the entire military, and conflicts arose within the faction. Loyalties wavered, and it was at that time the Emperor's Hand decided to take action. Fiercely challenging Galaksi to the throne, Lydeck met his Master in battle. In true Sith fashion, the learner had become the master, and Galaksi was defeated. Showing an unprecedented display of mercy, Lydeck spared his former teacher, and allowed him to become an advisor to the Emperor's office. As a Shadow, Galaksi would remain on the council. Emperor Lydeck took the throne in the spring of 3,645 BBY. Vakar Sadarii continued his apprenticeship to Lydeck, this time in the position of the Emperor's Hand. He soon took his own apprentice, a warrior named Savrek, as the Shadow Hand.

Winning the respect and honor of his entire Empire, the newly crowned Emperor established sweeping changes to the military structure, creating three divisions: the Academy, Army, and the Sith Temple. Inner turmoil was quelled as each member took their place in their respective branches. With the changes came new promotions, as Lydeck placed his most trusted advisors on the inner council. Pollux Troy was given the title of Lieutenant, and went on to command all divisions of the Army. Rune Marr was promoted to Academy Commander, and ruthlessly hardened recruits for their service in the Empire. Finally, a powerful Sith named Drackonis Nass was named Temple Lord, and took up the responsibility of training all force users within the Empire.

For the next year, the Black Empire would grow in strength and numbers, unhindered by in
ner conflicts.

The Krull ConsortiumEdit

In a long lasting conflict with a rival organization called the Krull Consortium, the Black Empire managed to gain new ground and become even more powerful than they already were.

The conflict began when a Krullian ambassador named Krey'lun arrived at the Black Empire's compound on Corellia, under the false pretense that he was offering a deal between the two factions. That same night, the ambassador's aide, a twi'lek named Lunxana Naalyik, covertly disabled the shield generators protecting the entire Empire facility. This allowed Voren Krull, on his flagship, the Mammon, to penetrate their outer defenses and begin bombardment of the Corellian fortress. The Imperial warship Ticerca was lost in that same battle. Emperor Lydeck narrowly escaped death; he happened to be in another room when his chambers were destroyed by turbolaser fire.

Soon after the orbital bombardment, the Krullian fleet deployed squadrons of dropships filled with soldiers, in an attempt to finish off the Imperial compound. Using telepathy, the Emperor reached out with the Force to contact his council, and warn them of Krull's deceit. With his Royal Guards in tow, Emperor Lydeck held off waves of Krullian soldiers until Lord Drackonis, Savrek, and Sazuba could fight through the invading horde to his royal chambers. Soon after they arrived, Lydeck revealed a hidden path away from the compound, and the group continued on towards the secret Royal Hangar bay. Meanwhile the main portion of Imperial soldiers fought a bloody, desperate battle against the Krullian horde inside the main hangar bay.

Upon reaching his private ship, Lydeck, along with his elite escort, encountered Lunxana - who had been hiding inside the hangar. After easily subduing the twi'lek, the Emperor and his entourage took off in the highly advanced transport Malevolent. The onboard cloaking systems allowed them to reach the Imperial flagship, Paradigm, unnoticed by Voren Krull's armada.

The rest of the Empire, however, was not so fortunate. The compound was destroyed, and many of the soldiers had died in defense of their fortress. Nearly every Force user had been captured by Voren Krull, including Vakar Sadarii, the Emperor's Hand.

Rescue and revengeEdit

In the aftermath of the Krullian night raid, the fallen soldiers were recovered from the compound, and treated for injury onboard the Imperial capital ship. The revelation that Voren Krull was involved in a force-sensitive slave trade was disturbing, and the army soon mobilized against the Krullian homeworld, Nogatan, in an attempt to rescue their Jedi comrades. In a grand display of stealth and battle prowess, the soldiers, under the command of Sgt. Troy, managed to enter the holding area undetected, and retake every one of their captured brethren.

Soon after the mission, Pollux Troy was field promoted to the rank of General.

In the following weeks, Emperor Lydeck's brother, Nythyia, was promoted to the rank of Arbiter, and served closely to the Emperor within the Royal office.

Once they were able, the entire force of the Black Empire was dedicated to the complete destruction of Voren Krull's armada. The final stage was set at Nogatan, and both the Army and Temple divisions performed flawlessly in destroying the Krullian brigade. Thousands of armed soldiers were slaughtered in remembrance of the Corellian compound raid.

The Emperor and his cabinet also devised a clever plan to kill Voren Krull, himself. To get close to the warlord, they had to present themselves as captured prisoners. With Lydeck, Vakar, and General Troy in fake shackles, and Hand Savrek in disguise as Krull, they made their way into Voren's private chambers. All but Pollux Troy were dismissed from the room, and the two men sat. In an astonishing ultimatum, Voren Krull revealed that he was in fact Troy's real father - and offered his son a seat beside him as heir to the Krull Consortium.

The Emperor knowingly allowed Pollux to confront Voren, and was led away with his cabinet by Krullian guards. A seemingly repentant Krey'lun confronted them, and slayed the guards who were escorting them. Then, in his second act of betrayal, the Quarren attached a thermal detonator to Vakar, and sent him flying down the hallway with a powerful force push. The Hand of the Emperor exploded in spectacular fashion, a victim of Krey'lun's imminent victory.

However, the Emperor, Lydeck, engaged Krey'lun in a final duel to the death. He outmatched the Quarren and wounded him several times, before eventually severing his body with his dual lightsaber technique. Before Krey'lun died, Brahlis sent him hurtling through a plate glass window, to his death, hundreds of feet below.

Meanwhile, Pollux Troy engaged his father in close combat, effectively refusing the offer that had been made to him. The General finally bested the old man, and swiftly decapitated him with his sanguine cortosis weave blade. With Voren Krull defeated, his organization was forfeit. The death of Vakar Sadarii was untimely, but a shard of his being was recovered, and stored for safe keeping by the Emperor.

Turning the slave collars on the Krullian who had attacked them, the Black Empire gained control over the planet Nogatan, and established their new base of operations in the existing facilities located in the city Noves Vires.

Unbeknownst to many, the scenarios that had unfolded had been an elaborate plan put into action by the Emperor and his Hand. They knowingly allowed the Krulls to bring down their defenses, attack their base, and capture their soldiers. Utilizing perfect deception, the Empire was able to expand their power and wealth in ways unimaginable before. They achieved their goal in true Sith fashion.


As Lydeck began to situate his private empire on their newly conquered territory, a dark force was rising up against him in secret. His former apprentice, Vakar Sadarii, was reborn and cloned by Volos Savrek, the Sith abomination. In his first act of treason, Sadarii persuaded the Temple Lord Drackonis, Lars Racto, and the Royal Guard Byager to assassinate Lydeck in his personal chambers in the newly captured palace. Despite a valiant defense by another Royal Guard, Lydeck was overwhelmed and killed.

As Sadarii took the empire under his own power, loyalists to the House Lydeck formed a secret resistance movement. Pollux Troy began to consolidate military forces using false manifests, while Guard Tel'ana used her 'officially deceased' status to further their goals in private. Eventually, Lydeck returned, first to Lars Racto, one of his original assassins. He mortally wounded Racto, cutting off both his legs and arms, while leaving him to die in an abandoned apartment building. Racto would later be recovered by Vakar and turned into a Sith cybernetic abomination.

"Relying on petty parlor tricks will leave you found wanting in this battle, Sadarii. People feel safest right before they die."

- Brahlis Lydeck to Vakar Sadarii, shortly before killing him.

Lydeck soon appeared to his loyal resistance fighters, and organized the recovery of his throne, under a new name - Pravus Axiom. The plan was nearly fouled by Winter Tel'ana, who had been an agent of Sadarii. The General was betrayed and killed by Winter; though thankfully the way was open for Lydeck to challenge Sadarii unopposed. In a lengthy and draining force battle, Lydeck finally killed his former apprentice once and for all. Spent and exhausted, he would find his way back to his private chambers and begin planning for his official return, as Emperor of the Pravus Axiom.

Present dayEdit

Pravus Axiom continues to amass its' power and wealth through the various missions and assignments it sends its' members on regularly. The Imperials have reached the peak of a new 'golden age'; their forces are stronger than ever.

With a planet rebuilt, access to slave technology that even allowed for the control of Force sensitives, and cloning facilities, the Axiom had not only conquered those that opposed them, they had substantially improved their own position within the echelons of the galaxy's elite. With their power solidified, anyone who now challenged them would be foolish at best, suicidal at worst.