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Current Residence




Physical description





6'8" }weight = 275lbs

Hair color


Eye color

steel blue

Skin color

light gray with a few blueish-black tattoos



Chronological and political information




Apparel: Worn, greenish armor, covered in spikes, flaps, and armaments. Well-used, and very functional. Has jetpack functionality, freeze jet, flame-thrower, and rocket launchers. (Elite War Hero, for ToR game fans)

Possessions: Armor, 2 Blasters (plus reloads), ship (equipped with small armormech shop), medkit

Biography: WIP Birth: Thrakazog was always a 'big' boy. Even at birth, he was so large as to cause midwives to consider the survival of his mother. But she did survive, and 'Thrak' was the middle one of three children. His father died when he was very young, in the gladitorial contests prevalent upon Rattatak, as did his older brother when he was a teen. Thrak's younger sister still lives on Rattatak today, and cares for their elderly mother.

Childhood: In his earliest years of childhood development, it was apparent that he was going to be challenged mentally. Perhaps what the gods gifted him in brawn, they'd taken from his brains, because he was always known for his size and gullibility. It wasn't that he was stupid, for he did eventually grasp concepts, language skills, and even basic math. But nobody expected Thrakazog to ever be a scientist or doctor. He would either play sports, or go into the military. As a teen, more than one Huttball scout tried to convince his mother to let him leave the planet, but she'd always refused, claiming she didn't want 'People too smart for their own good to take advantage of Thrak's good nature.'

Young Adulthood: But of Thrak's size, he was suited to physical tasks. His family was poor, especially with his father and older brother gone. So when he was old enough to work, he took any job he could get, performing all manner of common labor jobs, from mining to janitorial work to farming. When he was a little older, he found work in an speeder shop - mostly cleaning up the shop or doing whatever grunt work was necessary. But someone along the lines caught him scavenging a broken speeder for parts to fix a droid, realized he might have an aptitude that his 'simple' mind had never been given the opportunity to learn. They soon let him fix small parts and machinery, which he excelled at.

The jobs didn't pay particularly well, but some of the shop boys put Thrak in a wrestling match with a adolescent Garu-bear. Thrak had never been trained in combat, but he was able to go toe-to-toe with the creature because of his size. At six-and-a-half feet and well over three hundred-fifty pounds, Thrak used brute strength and ignorance to conquer the creature that some teased had more brains. This went on for a couple years, and the winnings supported Thrak's mother and sister enough so they could eat - and feeding Thrak was almost a job in and of itself.

Adult: When Thrak was in his early twenties, work in his area dried up, and he had trouble finding employment to feed his family. The bear-wrestling matches were only providing so much income, as Thrak didn't have the savvy to bet on himself beyond what his 'friends' advised. But Rattatak was a popular hunting spot for Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries, and one of the many traveling mercs noticed him in one of those now-famous 'Bear-Brawls'. The merc was intrigued, and had his wookie companion arm-wrestle the big boy after he saw Thrak win his bear match handily. To everyone's surprise, Thrak out-muscled the wookie, forcing the bigger humanoid's wrist to the table first. That was it - the merc confronted Thrak, and offered to take him in, train him, and give him a share of work. But Thrak would have to travel off-world to do it, so a meeting with Thrak's mother came to pass.

Now that he was a bit older, Thrak's mother realized he was never going to thrive the way he was going - from odd job to odd job. This merc, meanwhile, was promising the world, and the arrangement would give everyone food, clothing, and shelter. And mom had no way to feed Thrak's little sister on her own. So reluctantly, she agreed, and Thrak began a career as a mercenary.

True to his word, the merc trained Thrak, teaching him about blasters, hand-to-hand combat, and demolitions. The wookie trained Thrak in wrestling beyond anything a bear might offer, and he learned to use a vibroblade, a rocket launcher, a turreted weapon, and then - on one special day - the merc taught Thrak to use a Jetpack. The experience was surreal to Thrakazog - he could fly. It never even occurred to him that he could do that - something he'd only seen in a holovid or what amounted to a comic book. He was sold - he'd never be anything else, and he never wanted anything more.

But the Fates are fickle, and for all the good things Thrak was learning, he had one awful experience. On one of the first jobs the merc took him on, things went badly. Apparently, the intelligence the merc received was old and out-of-date, and when they burst into a hotel room to confront someone who owed a hutt a lot of credits, they were met with overwhelming force. In the fight, Thrakazog took a slug to the head - not a blaster bolt, but an actual projectile slug. As he stood stunned from having been hit, the target's kath hound jumped him, and went to bite into Thrak's jugular. Training kicked in though, and the stunned Thrakazog managed to tuck his chin in time to avoid death. But the hound was large, and did not relent. It bit into Thrak's jaw and face. And the big man went unconscious.

The merc who trained him was good though, and managed to salvage the operation, getting Thrak to safety. The bites to his face were treated, but scarred him permanently. The ones on the outside were covered with tattoos - a common custom among the Rattataki. Some teeth pierced his cheeks and damaged his tongue, giving him a slight speech impediment. But worst was the slug to his head that had pierced a vital part of his brain controlling verbal skills. That wound was much more difficult to treat, and as the recovery process revealed, Thrakazog had lost the ability to verbalize. He spent the next few years learning to speak again, but between the trauma to his head and the damage to his tongue, he ended up coming across like a far less intelligent person than he was. Thrakazog was never stupid - just slow. Now, he sounded slow, and it's a point of frustration for him - especially when he has trouble getting an idea across to others.

Today: Thrakazog is his own man - a mercenary in his own right. Having competed in, and won the Great Hunt a couple years ago, he found tons of work in the battlefields and warzones between the Republic and the Empire. One side or another was always hiring, and Thrak always needed more money. He sent it home over and over again, and for the first time in their lives, his mother and sister did not want for anything. In fact, in some ways, they were better off than they'd ever been financially. And Thrakazog went from being just a 'big boy' to being a muscled monster. Now at 6'8", and a packed 275 pounds, he's muscle on muscle, able to compete against most wrestlers and fighters - and win. But he has no aspirations beyond those which provide for his loved ones, so becoming a professional fighter for fame just never occurred to him. Besides - the excitement of flying through the air with his jetpack is something that never, ever, seems to get old.

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