Truce at Yavin 4
Events Before: Skirmish on Naboo, Conquest of Onderon Events Concurrent: None, Events After: Negotiation at Serenno Result: Triumvirate of Vengeance formed
Vital statistics
Participants Julius Crassus Algethii III, Arecio Antipas, Tenebrosi Santuarium
Date 2 ABD
Location Crassus' Temple on Yavin 4 

The truce at Yavin 4 was an official agreement between Julius Crassus Algethii III, Arecio Antipas, and Tenebrosi Sanctuarium to form the Triumvirate of Vengeance to fulfill their desires for revenge and conquer the galaxy while doing so. Each member came with their own personal grudge and though they were all powerful, Crassus cunningly set it up so that he was puppeteering it all and even leading the other members to their deaths without staining his own hands with their blood. However, as time would reveal, the agreement would fall flat on itself with Tenebrosi succumbing to the powers of his master and Arecio returning to the light on Onderon. Crassus would also discover that he would be the only member of the Triumvirate to suffer the fate of being killed by his own personal enemy.


Crassus' objective in the truce that formed the Triumvirate of Vengeance was to destroy his grandson Christopher whilst gaining the entirety of the galaxy. He also had plans to depose of the other members of the Triumvirate once the goal had been achieved and it was a matter of securing who was the most powerful of them. Though Tenebrosi didn't care enough for being the head to challenge Crassus, Arecio was far more eager to carve up the old man. However, after returning to Onderon with the promise of securing it completely, he would be persuadeded by Mathes to return to the Light and fight Crassus as a Jedi alongside Christopher.

Photo of Crassus

Crassus would form the Triumvirate with the intent of using the other members to gain the galaxy only to dispose of them afterwards. His plans would fall apart almost from the beginning but he had not seen that happening yet.


Though Arecio Antipas would eventually return to the Light and fight alongside Christopher

Arecio Antipas

The second member of the Triumvirate to join, Arecio was the most independent and desired to kill Crassus almost from the start. However, as both of them would find, that would be an impossible feat for Arecio.

as a Jedi, he was the most rebellious to Crassus' dominance of the two other members that he shared power with. So much so that he outright attacked Crassus in the Hapes Cluster when the old man attempted to beat him into submission for his failures on Onderon. Nonetheless, Crassus would repel him with the powers of illusion and make him vow that Crassus would pay for his supposed insolence. However, Arecio would see the Light and fight alongside Christopher against Crassus' power in the Hapes Cluster despite being severely wounded in the process.

His initial goal was to gain vengeance against Jedi Knight Mathes Colunga for having killed him centuries before. This would be further fueled by the events that happened before and encouraged by the ones that would occur on Onderon. However, Arecio would eventually be redeemed by Mathes and would reclaim his identity as Arek, bringing victory to the enemies of the Triumvirate on Onderon.


Tenebrosi Santuarium

Tenebrosi was the third member of the Triumvirate to join and one of two who survived its dissolution. His fate remains uncertain even now.

Tenebrosi's personal enemy was a man called Caxkj, who he vowed to take vengeance on for the treachery he believed Caxkj to be guilty of against Lord Cortenebrae. Though Crassus would allow him to have Serenno, the older man foresaw Lord Cortenebrae return from wherever he hid to crush his old apprentices into submission. Thus, he acted accordingly and delivered the young man right into the hands of his enemy and his old Master for what he hoped would be the death blow against Lord Sanctuarium. He was the most disinterested in continuing the vision of the Triumvirate all the way to the end and thus, was the first to pay for it after their forces failed to take over Manaan for medicinal reasons.

Crassus' Temple

Before leaving to conquer the Hapes Cluster, Crassus created the Triumvirate of Vengeance here. He persuaded Arecio Antipas and Tenebrosi Sanctuarium to join him in exchange for the chance to control the galaxy, an offer they both took willingly.