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Ulrich Korvana
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155 ABY

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1.82 m



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The Nightsisters



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Vulrich Korvana


Gywnala Korvana


Myrcella Romaniski

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Evaajii Circu


The Nightsisters

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"I was a child of Chandrila. I was meant to be the bright sun in this cold, dark galaxy. I was meant much more. But look at me now? I'm bound in chains; I am a slave. A wise man once said to me, "As long as you can still think freely, then you'll never truly be theirs". That wise man was my friend. My friend is dead. He was killed by the Nightsistera after he served his purpose. I live in fear, constantly thinking, "Am I next? Is today the day?" Everyday I am alive is a victory. Everyday I am still a victory."
― Ulrich Korvana

Ulrich Korvana was a Human male who was enslaved by the Nightsisters of Dathomir for the majority of his younger life. He was born in 155 ABY to two of Chandrila's brightest professors, Vulrich and Gywnala Korvana. They traveled the galaxy educating those who were not as cultured as Chandrilans. Ulrich eneded up spending most of this life on their ship, but always had a fond memory of Chandrila. In 161 ABY, the Korvanas were attacked by pirates and were forced to land on Dathomir. Once on the planet's surface, Ulrich's mother died and soon his father followed. The young boy was forced into slavery by the Nightsisters.

As years past, he was given a lot of manual labor and even a trade. Ulrich began to nurture an intense hatred for everyone on Dathomir. Once he reached maturity, he started to hate his parents and himself for being “attractive” or "appealing" to these women. He knew that the good-looking males were always picked for breeding first and the last thing he wanted was to touch a Nightsister. Despite being gawked at, Ulrich was never picked.

In 180 ABY, Ulrich caught a Nightsister hiding in bushes by the Nightbrother's camp. He was tempted to expose her; however, she promised him freedom. They fled the camp and took up temporary residence at her hovel.


Early LifeEdit

"Keep your head down, Ric. Daddy's going to to take care of this."
―Ulrich's father told him before he faced the Nightsisters.

Born to two professors on Chandrila, Ulrich had a simple childhood. He spent most of his life on his family’s freighter, which he named “Bootsie” (because it looked like a boot). His parents traveled the Outer Rim regions, educating unorganized/uncultured systems on politics and the arts. Ulrich rarely came into contact with people, due to the dangers abroad. He was often left to communicate with their ancient A-series Combat Droid. Despite being left alone…a lot, Ric came to enjoy the silence and only learned to cherish the time with his parents even more.

During one trip, the Korvanas were attacked by pirates near Dathomir. One of their engines were destroyed and Ulrich’s father was forced to land on Dathomir, even though he already knew what fate would await them there. As they crashed, Ulrich’s mother suffered a serious head injury that resulted in her death. Their assassin droid suffered serious external damage, as well. Ulrich and his father were scraped and bruised, but nothing compared to the loss they felt. Ric’s father tried to prepare and protect him from Dathomir, but soon the Nightsisters closed in on their crash site. His father tried to fight them off. He fought valiantly against his attackers, until his very last breath. Ric, who saw the whole scene unfold, was filled with rage and proceeded to attack them, but his attempts were fruitless. When he awoke, he was behind a proximity shield and was greeted by other men and boys who quickly took him under their wing. They protected him and helped him adjust to his new life as a slave.



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