Varis Allaria
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Jedi Temple, Vornu

Place of Birth

Taral V

Physical Description






Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color




Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic


The Jedi Order

Skills and Abilities

Galactic Basic

"You've grown into a beautiful woman, Varis."
―Varis' Mother

Varis was always on the run - though from what, her mother would never say. Even from the earliest days Varis was simply told that they had to keep moving, because they were always being watched. Over the years, she began to assume that they were merely running from a debt that her mother could never pay, and the only time that she asked her Mother about it, she was told never to mention it again. They rarely stayed anywhere long enough to consider any place home.

It wasn't until recently that her Mother finally stopped running, claiming that it was finally safe to stop. How she knew, or why she stopped she could never know. She decided to leave Varis on Coruscant for a few days while she ran an errand on Alderaan, giving Varis enough money to buy a new dress and a good meal. As she left, she gave Varis the necklace that hung around her neck, with the words "You've grown into a beautiful woman, Varis." Her mother never returned, and Varis was forced to run herself.

She found her way to Vornu after passing through seventeen Republic spaceports, and decided to stop. She didn't want to run any more, not when that was all she had ever done. The Echani wanted to be accepted. So without any way of knowing what happened to her mother, and no way of knowing how to contact her, she remained on Vornu, where she wanted to learn the art of the Force.

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