Viole Xer'ek
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3663 BBY

Physical Description





6.0 feet 1.83 meters


143 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color

Healthy Peach

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic



Family Information

Master Tellom


Master Merril

Skills and Abilities

The Force




Observing nature, combat practice, reading.

Miscellaneous Information

Blue Lightsaber


Viole was born on the planet Panatha during the year 3663 BBY to two former Jedi: Master Tellom and Master Merril, two Epicanthix Jedi from Tython that were exiled because of their deep relationship with one another. Tellom, who was a master of the forms and Merril who studied the knowledge and arts were both respected members before this incident which forced them off the planet before they returned to their home planet of Panatha. Once they returned they established a new life; one with a single epicanthix child. 

Born into a loving family that still highly regarded the Jedi teachings, they immediately began raising him the way youngling's would normally be raised. He began practice with lightsabers as soon as he could walk, reading the code and their teachings as soon as he could read and reciting the knowledge he learned as soon as he could speak. It was a strict and tiresome lifestyle for a child but he felt loved and fortunate to have the parents he did. He did not go to any type of public education, his mother Merril deciding to take the responsibility entirely on herself, while his father Tellom was always teaching him the art of the lightsaber and began to help him train his body as soon as he possibly could.

This went on until he began to act rebellious, thinking that they were simply keeping him away from the rest of the world and that he needed to be set free. Despite knowing much about the Jedi and having a set of morals they instilled in him his angst and childlike anger made him resent his parents for a short time as he came to understand why they forced such a rough lifestyle on him. He realized why when he ventured away from his home and family one night; stumbling on a lively group of people. 

They were older men grouped around a crying women, throwing rocks and ruthlessly cussing at her. They slurred words, spit and hit her despite her cries. Immediately without hesitation the then 13 year old Viole stepped in with his training saber in hand; both confusing and entertaining the group of men before he beat them down with the stun-set saber in a flurry of quick, precise strikes. The women ran in her state of panic, but Viole realized then why his parents had taught him what they did. It was a simple revelation that one would expect from a child: There was bad people in the galaxy that would take advantage of innocent people. They needed protectors, guardians. That is what the Jedi meant to him at that time. 

Viole returned to his parents the following morning, apologizing and reconciling with the two parents before his teachings resume once more. A fire lit in his heart that was both dangerous and useful; he put more and more effort into his art form and tried his best to memorize the teaching and scripts that his mother and father passed on to him. The only thing he lacked in was the force, he hated the mental strain it put on him and how it exhausted him so easily so he focused purely on his body and the Forms that he began to master. This continued for years until the incident.

By the age of 19 he was allowed to roam freely around his home, often visiting towns and cities that were within walking distance to talk with people and enjoy the scenery. On his way home through a mountain trail he noticed something was off about this weekly trip. He could feel it both in the force and how the various trees and bushes had been disturbed. As far as he knew he was the only person that used this short cut and the bad feeling in his gut put him completely on edge. Worried about his parents he quickly ran down the path recklessly, being took completely off guard as a red lightsaber flew from the nearby foliage and struck him to the ground. He would never forget the smell and sound of his skin burning, the pain that coursed through his body as the wound cauterized. However he did not remain on the ground for long as his years of training kicked in and he jumped to his feet with his training saber at the ready, the assailant recovering his ignited saber effortlessly as he emerged from the shadows. 

The two fought, Viole desperately trying to fight off the pain his wound caused as he put all his years of practice into the next few moments. The sabers clashed, the heat from his enemies saber was noticeably hotter than his own and it was immediately clear how dangerous the man was. The possibilities ran through his head and he assumed it was a Sith, the more recent topic of his teachings after the Jedi's own. He was warned to be careful around them and that he mustn’t fall to their ways. As they clashed again he felt something he never felt in the training sessions all his life; the adrenaline flowed through him and he felt.. excited. They twirled, a deadly dance that illuminated the night as their weapons hummed along in almost a trance. It went on for some time, both of them waiting for openings and defending effortlessly. The Sith looked anxious, this definitely was not a situation he had to have expected on an abandoned trail on Panatha which gave Viole the upper hand. After the length dance Viole managed to slip through the mans defense with a Makashi move, penetrating his defence and hitting him square in the jaw with the saber. He flew back unconscious and in the heat of the battle Viole had acted without thinking ending the Siths life with his own saber. With the ending of the Siths life he had both survived and broken his own morals. Disgusted, he ran back to his home and explained what happened to his family.

Worried by the sudden presence of Sith on the planet they restricted him once more and without his approval.. though he did not care. He felt shattered or as if he had committed the worst possible crime he could have. He killed a man and felt the weight on him for the next few years under his parents continued teachings. They told him to look at it as a lesson, not a crime. That just because he took the Siths life did not mean he was evil or that it had to happen again. They wrapped the wound on his face though any hope of saving the skin that was there was small if any and with the medical supplies they had the best they could do was sanitize and bandage it. He would most likely live with the scar the rest of his life and he thought of it as something he deserved for killing the man in anger. Little did he know that the Sith had gone rogue, corrupted by the dark side which had twisted his mind into the depths of despair and insanity. Viole was not the only victim of the Sith and had spared others from the same fate.

Viole aged and matured, devoting himself entirely to his training instead of roaming about the planet after the incident (which he for the most part got over, and attempted to justify the death as he matured). His parents still worried however as the Imperial presence on the planet continued during his time there and made plans for his departure when he finally reached the age of 27; they decided they had little left to teach him and that if he truly wanted to help the galaxy he would need to leave them. Hesitantly but with understanding of their reasons he left the planet and headed for Vornu in order to join their order and further his knowledge and art, carrying with him his fathers lightsaber and the gift of knowledge his mother had given him.


Nature-Loving: Partly due to his connection to the force, partly due to his genuine interest, Viole loves being outdoors to admire the scenery and nature of the galaxy. It fills him with a sense of peace and separates him from the harsh reality so many are living in, feeling that its a refreshing break from all of the politics, fighting and arguments that revolve around being a Jedi and resulting consequences.

Stalwart: Viole was raised to be a very loyal individual who stands by his beliefs during his Jedi training. He almost always acts with the intention of doing what he feels needs to be done no matter how much work it requires. As a hardworking Jedi who was trained in the art of the lightsaber since he was 3, he has been molded him into an unwavering, dependable and trusty man.

Excitable: Though he maintains his composure in most circumstances Viole has a major issue that conflicts with the Jedi beliefs: He can be a very excitable individual by nature. If he is in a heated battle it is very easy to see how much passion and love he has for fighting and his art. He is constantly perfecting his forms and sparring with other Jedi/Soldiers with a glint in his eyes. He thoroughly enjoys various types of weaponry as well, though choosing to solely focus on the art of the lightsaber.

Radical: Some think its because he is still young and ignorant to many things in life: Viole has a reputation within the Jedi he was trained with to be a very radical individual which causes him to often be questioned for his methods or use of force in both diplomatic AND hostile missions. He has a tendency to act without thinking in extreme situations, acting more on his heart than his head. If his mind is set on something it will often remain on it, even to the point of distracting him from other things.

Inquisitive: Raised by Jedi and practicing his art since the age of three has caused Viole to miss much of the world he once lived on and has kept his ignorant to a lot about people and the galaxy as a whole. This drove Viole to be inquisitive about things, constantly having the need to know why something is a certain way or why someone did what they did; especially if they go against his beliefs and morals.

Sociable: Though he likes his alone time, Viole is without a doubt happiest when around other people. He'll talk to anyone at anytime, to learn more about them and satisfy his need for attention. He is fairly easy going and gets a long with lots of people, making it relatively easy for him to make friends with people of all ages.



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