Vlamre U'toni
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Galactic Federation Triumvirate

  • Velm System
  • Jensaarai
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Saarai'kaar Urza



Vlamre was born on the planet of Velmor in the year 147 ABY, here he was raised by a personal caretaker by the name of Mylane. With his father and mother both serving as defenders of the Jensaarai, Vlamre came to have a vey lonely and depressive life-style. This depression would eventually strike out majorly once he hit adolescence. Upon reaching this age, he would strive for nothing more then to leave and make his own life, away from those he felt did not want him there in the first place. His efforts would be successful as they would land him aboard a bulk frieghter bound for the outer quadrant. It would be here on this very vessel that he would come to make good friends with a very paranoid elder Selkath by the name of Bissrae.

Their times together would land them from colony to colony, working for minial labor. Often times they would take on a job with Mandalorians, as they desired more of their precious ore. Vlamre and his companion would take on such jobs to make a descent living and during their bonding, the two would become very close. In time, Bissrae became somewhat of a father figure to the young Vlamre as he would speak of his past trails and battles he witnessed at his age. The stories were awe-aspiring and Vlamre often wondered if he would be a part of such stories in the future. He was young and naive at the time, as were many at such a young age, but it was those dreams of becoming great that inspired him to go on in his life. However, one day within the mines, an elder Rodian would find it so necessary to steal a small piece of beskar from the caves and given the strict protocols and regulations set by the Mandalorians, the poor fool had no chance. The Rodian did not make it more then a few yards before he was caught, beaten, burned and eventually barried alive for his treachery. That day, Vlamre told Bissrae that enough was enough. The next day they would flee with as much precious ore that they could, eventually making it upon a small frieghter bound for the mid-quadrant.

Free for the moment from their spoils, the duo sold the ore within the market districts of a small planet. However their moment of bliss would not last long as they would soon be discovered by the very mercenaries of the Mandalorian mining company. Vlamre and Bissrae would be found within the markets of yet another planet, but only this time attempting to get away with a small plate made of Phrik. Cornered in the small district with no where to run, the two would find salvation in the most unlikely of sorts. A pairing of Jensaarai Defenders would be the ones to aid the deviants, but more specifically, the very parents of Vlamre himself. It would be on that day that he would learn of his parents lives and why they had never managed to spend the time with him as they should have.

After a vicious brawl with the mercenaries and a hefty fee from the shop keeper, the duo of deviants would be escorted away. Vlamre's parents would discuss with him why he had chosen such a life and even be ashamed not at him, but themselves for the inability to be the parents they always should have been. Vlamre would come to forgive them and eventually even be drawn into the very service of the Jensaarai. His full envolvement with the order would not be complete, however, were it not for the efforts of the very Selkath who had cared for for over six years. Blissrae would speak with Vlamre even further of his past, and even bestow wisdom upon him of what he once had been. He would learn that Bissrae was once a proud Jedi Knight and defender of the Republic. Such exploits would put the young U'toni in even further admiration of the elder Selkath. Bestowed with the knowledge of truth and wisdom that could be provided by a dear friend, Vlamre would join the ranks of the Jensaarai and steadily make his way up the ranks.

His training and service with the Jensaarai would not be an easy one, and often times he would be found being the slowest or even weakest of the recruits entering into the fold. Many of his instructors were doubtful that the young Vlamre would even make it to the final trials. Yet, despite everyones doubts in his abilities, he never once doubted himself. He had a drive, a goal that he sought to achieve. The desire to make those who believed in him proud, but most of all himself. Having the opportunity to train with the Jensaarai was a stepping stone that he needed in gaining a confidence that he was not worthless or unwanted. His first mission would be with his Master Agimar, a renown Ring Defender of the Order. Their mission would be a simple one, in that they were tasked with returning an escaped convict from the prison complex on Gromas. Little did they know that this convict was not your average criminal at all. They would learn this upon tracking the escapee to the planet of Ultaar. Here was where they would be ambushed by numerous ex-Galactic Imperials from the long ended Galactic Empire. Most of whom were governed by a rouge faction of cult under the influence of the Krayt Empire. Needless to say..their convict had escaped to the worst place in the galaxy.

During their ambush, Vlamre would be forced to separate from his master and eventually be captured. His time as a hostage proved fruitless as he gave no information what-so-ever of the Jensaarai's allies, who just so happened to be the Alliance Remnant. For weeks he stayed in isolation within their darkest bunker, until his master would return with an elite strike team from the planet of Velmor..his home. With the combined might of ten Jensaarai, and a squad of highly trained HC-Elites, Vlamre would be freed. His finding would bare numerous scars and wounds about his back from lascerations and even brandings. The sight to his master was most weighing and he did his upmost to help mend the wounds the young defender bore. However, as much as he and others managed to do for Vlamre, he would still bare a good few scars from his imprisonment. Scars that he would forever remember..

Upon the day of his rite of passage, U'toni would be removed from his shackles of an apprentice and bestowed the full title of a Ring Defender. His time as an apprentice, however, would not have been an easy one. Having faced numerous challenges and scars both physical and mental, he would come to be a hardened warrior. This mentality would serve him well during his service as a Ring Defender, giving him many missions into the vast regions of the galaxy. Many of them going into the unexplored territories in search of top criminals. His greatest hunt would be a Mandalorian mercernary by the name of Zhost. Having been convicted of numerous murders and assaults within the Velm System, Vlamre was tasked with bringing him back for trail. His supposed sentence...carbonite freezing. The defenders search into the unknown territories would land him many discoveries previously unknown to any in the galaxy. Encountering new races with an array of intelligence never before heard of, and even those who were considered primative in nature. As much as he was seeing and learning, it would become evident that this was more of an exploration then a man hunt. Yet his search would eventually land him on the uncharted planet of Ahst (as named by its neighbors). The environment here would be a brutal one, with harsh weather of varying degrees from soaring tempratures to highly volatile electrical storms. Vlamre would remain on this planet for the better part of a week. One that would grow into a nuisance, but on his final day he would finally track his prey into an abandoned cave. With what would prove to be his most challenging battle; fighting with a vast array of weapons from spears, to rocks, and even a thorn bush, Vlamre would at last apprehend the Mandalorian and bring him into custody on Velmor.

His efforts on Ahst would not go unnoticed, or even his discoveries made in the unknown regions. With so much he had accomplished in just a few years, he would receive a commendation and even a promotion to be a personal bodyguard to the famed Saarai'kar. However, his service to the 'Keeper of Truth' would be short lived, as the elder was nearing the ends of his life.

Having no apprentice or pupil that could take on the titel of the new Saarai'kar, Vlamre would be the one to be called in. In the brief meeting with the elder of their order, he would be told of how he maintained the vision and truth of their people. That he was the embodiment of what they were striving to achieve and become. However, Vlamre would be hesitant in taking the position, but once more it would be Bissrae to come to his aid.

Upon his final moments as well and nearing the point of death, Bissrae would pass further knowledge of what it meant to be a protector of the galaxy and the sacrifices that had to be made to make it a better place for all. He begged Vlamre to take on the title as he had witnessed first hand the abilities of the young defender, but most of all he saw hope within him, a hope he wished him to pass on to the rest of the galaxy. A truth that even in the most desperate of times, when all seems lost, that there is always a chance for a better day in the future. A future much brighter then any before, a future that Bissrae had come to share with Vlamre the day they left the dreadful mines. With those last few words, Vlamre would say goodbye to a dear friend and soon after, take the title as the new Saarai'kar.

Vlamre would come to be the youngest individual to take on such a title at the age of twenty-seven and for the following years he would become a renowned leader amongst his people but the Alliance as well. Having moved the base of operations to his homeworld of Velmor. Vlamre saught to fulfill the dreams and wishes of those who passed on. His desire to seek truth and justice for all rang clear with everyday of his life as he faught to maintain the stability and peace with the rebuilding Jedi Order and with the Trium Alliance.

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Attire/Armor: Jensaarai Armor


-Electrum, Single-hilt (cyan)

-Wrist-hilt, Orange

-Cortosis vibro-knife

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