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Wraythos Vi'garion
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Imperial Academy

Physical Description





Five-Foot Ten-Inches

Hair Color

Silver with Black Roots

Skin Color

Light Olive



Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


True Empire


Field Commander

Known Apprentices

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Early LifeEdit

Wraythos was born on Coruscant, in the lower districts where food is hard-earned and birth is close to being damned from the start. He was born to a miralukan woman named Kitan and a miralukan man named Vilek. His parents were kind and hard working, never allowing their child to go hungry even if they must. They always told him how amazing he was, always built his confidence. though now it seems to be arrogance. He lived and played down in those lower wards, crawling through the gigantic pipes, or on and in the sides of leaning buildings.

Other children often made fun of him for not having eyes like they did. He fought with them often as they would insult his family, his race, and him. One boy though pushed the matter too far when Wraythos had just turned 7. The boy, a fat Twi'lek the other children called Vel'une ripped his eye-sash off Wraythos' head and hit him until he bled. The eye-sash was one his mother had made for him on the anniversary of his birth. She had told him, "My child, this is for the love of one mother for her one son. This makes you who you are, and You are the most important boy in the galaxy."

Wraythos never told his mother what had happened, instead he planned for a week on how to get his eye-sash back, and how to teach Vel'une and all the other children that he was better than them.

After a weeks time and thought put in, Wraythos confronted the chubby twi'lek, told him to give his eye-sash back. Vel'une laughed and pushed him down. In an instant Wraythos lunged back after him, a sharp piece of metal between his fingers, he cut the fat boys face. When the boy didn't do what most bullies do, run home for their mothers, Wraythos led him through the building of the lower districts.

Every time Vel'une slowed because of the exhaustion setting into his out of shape body, Wraythos would stop, turn, and antagonize the boy a little more. It seemed for hours they ran, until Wraythos arrived in the abandoned building he had picked. Finally with everything in place, Wraythos feigned a hurt knee, and Vel'une closed. "I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT, YOU BLIND BANTHA-LOVER!!" Vel'une had screamed. But Wraythos was far from blind. The building was pitch black inside, yet wraythos could see everything. In the next room was an enormous ratlike creature that Wraythos had seen his first visit here. The creatures ate flesh he knew, he had seen. Silent as a whisper, Wraythos crept up on the boy, and pulling out the sharp piece of metal he had cut Vel'une with earlier, plunged it into his neck. The color of the blood was violet in Wraythos' vision, and as the boy fell clutching his neck, Wraythos pulled the eye-sash his mother had made from the pocket it has been in for a week.

Wraythos ran as he saw the creature catch the sent of the twi'leks blood, but just before he reached the hole in the wall, Wraythos stopped, turned, and bore witness to the rat eating Vel'une. The next day Vel'une was nowhere to be found, but the other children knew something had happened, as well as his parents, he had his eye-sash back, and around him burned darkness.

Four years later, his parents went missing, and the only refuge he found was with a human bounty hunter named Kryssa Vayne.She took him in, fed and clothed him, and taught him how to fight. but it wasnt until her hunt against a Jedi, did either of them know he was touched by the force. Naturally she killed the jedi, made her claim, and life seemed to still go well.

When Wraythos was 18 she had bought for him the robes, clothing, and armor he has now, and sent in an application for him to the axiom....

Starting OutEdit

Learning to be a SithEdit

A Stain of Violet-

Just hours after stepping foot into The Imperial Academy in Novus Vires on Nogatan, Wraythos was summoned by Lucien Eidolon for his first assignment, After meeting the man that had made his skn crawl and his stomach turn, Wraythos was sent out after a Twi'lek on Nal Hutta. Upon arriving a fight broke out with a trandoshan that saw the student injured and the alien dead. Having gone unconscious from the pain of the assault, he awoke some time later to find that his arm had had to have been rebuilt and and cybernetically augmented. After speaking to the doctor who had fixed and healed him, he discovered she was his target. Kidnapping the woman he dragged her back to his instructor and found that he was responsible for helping the man complete a ritual. In the end the womans heart was removed and Wraythos felt the touch of his first senseless murder.

The Uprooting Challenge-

Having left Instructor Eidolons 'Alter', Wraythos made his way directly to the ffices of Instructor Muriel Yar. After some unpleasnt pleasantries he was told he was being sent to Myrkr, a planet known for two creatures. The Vornskr, a beast that hunts using the force, and the Ysalamiri, a fur covered lizard that could negate the force. He was accompanied by a mandalorian named Corey Black and a small team of droids. Upon landing on the urface the effects of Ysalamiri rendered him blind and unable to find the target o his assignment, a tree that the ysalamiri fed on. After a long, agonizing search and an attack by some of the natie predators, the retrieved their objective and made their way back to Nogatan.

Tug of War, Epic V-

Wraythos had been heading to his third instructor when the Academy was attacked without warning. As mandalorians working for the Rakata moved towards exterminating every living being within the sacred halls, Wraythos had sought out and found not only his first Instructor, but the Commander of The Academy as well, Darth Cideon. Hours of fighting and watching how the other Sith fought brought not only a resolve to become sith, but his first taste of bloodlust as well.


During the war Wraythos had shown part of his true self when he called out one of the Instructors and dubber him a coward. With the war now past he went to find that his last assignment would be given by that same Instrictor. To his relief the Istructor had sent him to the simulator within The Academy. He was taken to witness first hand the massacre at the old Sith Temple on the planets moon, Dagan. His assignment was to simply escape the onslaught of murderous Jedi and Republic soldiers. Having fooed his way through half of the program, he found himself being tracked by a Jedi. In the end a weapon given to him to test by the Academies Master at Arms: Gane Norvak, put an end to the Jedi and Wraythos fell unconscious only to later wake in a cold, metal imulation chamber.