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3638 BBY

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Green (yellow glow)

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'Xalia' was the clone of Xaja Taerich, created by Xaja's younger sister Aryn Taerich as a tool of revenge.


When the bounty on Xaja Taerich was taken by Wraythos Vi'garion, Xaja's younger sister Aryn went to Nogatan to collect the captured Jedi. By that point, however, Xaja had been rescued by Republic agents- but not before genetic samples were taken from her in the Citadel prison for experimentation. Aryn took a sample of her sister's blood and went to Kamino to have a clone of the Jedi created for her own purposes. Upon exit from the cloning chambers, Xalia proved herself to be stronger than the Force than the original (who had lost some of her connection to the Force due to trauma and lack of training as a child), as well as a bit taller (as Xaja had spent several years of her childhood severely malnourished). 

Aryn had her new pet trained through Sith holocrons the Kaminoians had in their keeping, as well as a lightsabre they also had, before letting Xalia murder her former Sith bodyguard, her cousin Joh'da Taerich, and left for Lavisar to scheme away her revenge.

Sith AssassinEdit


Behind The ScenesEdit

Xalia was first intended to be Xaja herself, but Xaja fallen to the Dark Side during her imprisonment on Nogatan.
Xalia screencap

Xalia as a Sith Marauder in SWTOR

The plan was for Xaja to become possessed by a Sith ghost that would call itself Xalia while in Xaja's body, although the Jedi inside would eventually fight her way to freedom. Plans changed when it was realized that a Jedi could never fully get rid of a Sith ghost in her head, and for a while Xalia was never going to exist, until the idea for an evil psychotic clone came about.

X'alia is currently a Sith Marauder on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Level 24 on Nar Shaddaa. However, she might be deleted and started over as a Sith Assassin.

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