Xeros Agni
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3657 BBY

Physical Description







150 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic



Family Information

Lord Ryazor Agni


Lady Xyex Than-Agni

Twin Siblings

Azrael Than

Relationship Information

Rhotta Tecla


Azrael Than

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles
  • Form I:Shii-Cho
  • From VII:Juyo
  • Telekinesis
  • Endure
  • Domination

Galactic Basic

Other Skills
  • Two Handed Proficiency
  • Lightsaber Proficiency
  • Interrogation Proficiency
  • Piloting
Miscellaneous Information

Red Double Bladed Saber Staff

Theme Song

TH3 AWAK3N1NG-Ivan Torrent


Xeros wears typical black Sith robes. A black tunic, black pants, black gloves, black boots, and a black cloak. His medium length hair is usually left un-styled, but still appearing relatively well kept. Not one to be vain, Xeros does not care that much for appearance, but still tries to be somewhat presentable. His brown eyes often look warming and pleasant, but when enraged can look more terrifying than that of a being seeped with with the Dark side Orange eyes.


Xeros is known for being extremely self-serving, or at least he was. Not caring who he stepped over to gain the upper hand or surpass in lessons as a child. Feared by those his own age, he gained a form of respect that led to many doors of possibilities opening to him from an early age. His father was pleased with him and encouraged him to take on positions of authority within the Sith realm, but Xeros enjoyed not being held down by responsibility and living for the most part in solitude. Having a certain image to uphold preventive him from ever making friends, but from time to time, people would come by him that would have mutual goals that would encourage some team work.

The death of his mother at his father's hands shook Xeros emotionally more than he showed. The effects of her death caused more disunity between him and his twin Azrael, blaming him for their mother's death. The fact that he tried not to let it show caused Azrael to hate him as well, and fuelled their rivalry. When Azrael vanished, believed to be dead, Xeros regretted not ever making up with his twin, but true to his nature did not let it show.

Xeros learnt compassion many years down the road when he had captured Rhotta Tecla, who he discovered was friends with his long lost, believed to be dead, brother. Training with her and learning more of the way of the Jedi, he slowly showed change. The truth be told, both Azrael and Xeros were never cut out to be Sith, and were almost destined to change the ways of the heritage. Xeros took more time and effort to change his ways though, having spent more time with the Sith, and just being the way he was in regards to ones image of power.


The Start of Something SpecialEdit

Xeros was born on Nogatan to Sith Lord Ryazor Agni and Lady Xyex Than-Agni, a few minutes before his twin Azrael Than in the year 3657 BBY. Almost straight from birth Xeros was the favourite child of Lord Ryazor, being the Force-Sensitive of the two twins. Not remembering his mother very well on account of her death by his father, Xeros only ever knew his father. He blamed Azrael for their mother's death, being that their father killed her due to Azrael's Force-Blindness. Always standing next to his father, Xeros was being groomed to take over the family at his father's passing, whereas Azrael was allowed to live in their house, where he would stay mostly to himself. Xeros had love for his father, never struggling to find approval from him.

When Xeros would attend classes, he would usually be at the top, overcoming all the other children with one exception, Azrael. The two were rivals, and although Azrael was Force-Blind, he was still able to overcome his elder twin who was gifted with Force-Sensitivty. This being the case, children would still look up to Xeros, and shun Azrael. The Sith children still did not like Xeros, and although at opposite ends of the spectrum of respect, both Azrael and Xeros were social outcasts of sorts. Xeros became obsessed with his image of superiority, something that was only strengthened and intensified when Azrael disappeared when they were both Nine.

A Second Loss for the Agni FamilyEdit

When Azrael disappeared, Xeros felt some form of sadness that he did not understand. His Father brushed it off, and blamed it on his sons "weakness", and believed that it was for the best. Xeros on the other hand had lost his twin, his rival yes, but still his blood kin who had been his only challenger worth fighting. Still excelling in classes, and keeping to himself, his father's pride grew but so did his anger at little mistakes. Xeros was not without flaw, and every time that was brought to light in whatever form, his father would abuse him physically and verbally. The most common comment would be, "You're just as bad as that damned Azrael". Xeros would take the practice saber beatings and try to learn from them, grow from them, but all that would come of it would be the reminder that Azrael had left him.

A Change of StatusEdit

One day when Xeros had failed his father yet again, this time being a sloppy execution of some form of saber practice, the beating ended quite differently. The beatings had changed Xeros' love for his father, and turned into hatred. He had loved his brother and respected him as well, and every time he was beaten and compared to his twin, he would feel the need to defend his long lost brother. This particular beating ended with Xeros stabbing his father with his own blade through the heart. Lord Ryazor only smirked the classic Agni family smirk and let one syllable escape his lips, "Good".

Now at the head of the Agni Dynasty, Xeros stopped attending classes, and instead bettered himself in solitude, taking to training with servants and occasionally bringing challengers to his house to defeat them. Rarely leaving his home, Xeros almost became a fable to terrify young Sith who misbehaved, being told that they would be sent up to Old Agni Manor where they would be challenged by the grizzly Xeros who would kill them and drink their blood.

A Change of HeartEdit

At some point in the year 3641 BBY, while on a visit to the Imperial Palace, Xeros came accross a spy. Quickly rendering her unconcious, and carrying her out to his speeder, Xeros brought her to a torture chamber he had discovered existed while rifling through some of his father's paperwork. Discovering that her name was Rhotta Tecla and that she was sent to kill him of all people, Xeros was in shock. Although he planned on torturing her, he decided against it based on how beautiful she was and upon learning her friendship to his brother Azrael.

Spending much time with Rhotta, he would practice sparring with her as well as talk of what things were like on the Jedi side. Finding it very intriguing and actually somewhat attractive, Xeros dwelled on escaping the Empire and poking about this Republic that existed. He grew to admire Rhotta, someone who he could open up to, because he did not have to uphold his image to her. Her compassion broke down his walls and taught him more about himself than he thought was possible.

Eventually Xeros decided to escape with Rhotta when there were rumours of an invasion. Taking them aboard a shuttle to Corellia, they lived as lovers away from both the Republic and the Empire. Xeros' credit count eventually began to run out, and they were becoming desperate for survival.


3641 BBY

All Alone

3657 BBY

Two Is Better Than One

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