Xiamara 'Xia' Verd is a Mandalorian from the Clan Verd, she is the distant cousin of Katra Vernius and a friend of Arya Visz

Appearance Edit

She is an attractive young woman with a slender and fairly muscular build. Xiamara has the Verd clan symbol tattooed on the left side of her collarbone. 

Biography Edit

Xiamara was born and raised on Mandalore; she joined the Second Faberian Civil for reasons unknown though it is more likely because she wanted to help her cousin. Xiamara is a member of Clan Verd, a Mandalorian Clan founded by Ne'tra Verd and she is the distant cousin of Katra Vernius.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Xiamara Verd wore Mandalorian armor of a primarily black coloration, over a black form-fitting flight suit. Verd made use of a jetpack possessing two individual thrusters that allowed her periods of sustained flight. In addition to boots and a utility belt, Xiamara Verd also benefited from her armor's gauntlets, the left of which was equipped with a hologram projector. Both gauntlets housed miniature flamethrowers capable of producing powerful streams of fire, and each was mounted with wrist rocket launchers that fired deadly projectiles. Xiamara has a lightsaber clipped to her belt and has said that it was a “gift” from a Jedi. Xiamara doesn’t wear a helmet, since she normally uses it as a melee weapon instead of what is it is actually used for. She carries two blasters holstered on her armor's thigh plates, that she was known to wield with deadly accuracy. Xiamara also carries a sniper rifle.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Xiamara was known for her cockiness, dry wit, rudeness, piloting skills, and her fast draw. She also had an affinity for sabacc and other gambling games. Xiamara was quite the mechanic, having made countless modifications to the Punisher. She once said she preferred to shoot first as opposed to shooting second, and used to her advantage on at least one occasion the fact that she was ambidextrous. Her ability to think up inventive and often extremely unorthodox solutions to problems on the fly proved to be a constant source of frustration to all enemies she encountered (and often her friends). She was, however, a woman with insecurities as well. She was overprotective of her ship and hated times when the Punisher was modified or repaired too much, especially by droids, as tight bolts on the craft wouldn't let her feel how hard they were hit by laser fire, resulting in her loosening several of them around the ship. She was also hesitant to let anyone fly it. Xiamara also vowed jokingly to never give the codes for the Punisher to her little brother Rev Verd, at least not in her lifetime. She was an extremely skilled warrior and was capable of gracefully wielding her armor's numerous weapons while maintaining flight via her jetpack during battle.

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