Xyex Than-Agni
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3683 BBY

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic

Family Information

Eckhard Niktohal


Lyna Niktohal


Ryazor Agni

Skills and Abilities

Galactic Basic

Other Skills
  • Pistol Proficiency
  • Security Proficiency
  • Security Proficiency
  • Slicing Proficiency
  • Intelligence Proficiency
  • Conditioning Novice
  • Stealth Expert
  • Endurance Expert
  • Etiquette Proficiency
Miscellaneous Information

C-300 Spec Ops Interceptor


Abandoned From the StartEdit

Born on Bellassa to Eckard and Lyna Niktohal, Xyex was left on the doorstep of her parents friends, Suktar and Amarisa Than. Raised never knowing her own parents, Xyex rarely asked about them, and when she did learnt only very little. Accepting Eckard and Lyna as her own parents, she was raised with love and care. She excelled in her studies all the way through, and focused mostly on languages, cultures, and the history of the galaxy. Her interest in such subjects led to her becoming a teacher.

Completing her studies, Xyex decided to teach on Hathrox III, feeling that Bellassa would not allow her to grow to the extent she desired. She taught students about various cultures and the history of the Galaxy. She herself continued to study various species and their ways as well as some basic language skills.

A Life Changing EncounterEdit

While living on Hathrox III, Xyex preferred walking as her mode of transportation, with the rare exception of a shuttle ride. While walking on one occasion in particular, she came across a man being chased by a dark clad figure. Unintentionally she had tripped the man fleeing, what seemed for his life. The dark clad man in pursuit had thanked Xyex, and introduced himself as Lord Ryazor Agni, saying that she had assisted him in capturing an enemy of the Empire. Noticing her beauty, he asked her name, and from there, the two formed a bond.

Spending lots of free time together, the two could see the value in joining in matrimony. He saw her beauty, which would make him more favorable in social circles, and she saw the extensive wealth that he had. Quitting her teaching job, Xyex married Ryazor and moved to Agni Mansion in the mountains of Nogatan. Not only did she have large sums of money at her disposal, but also the knowledge from the Agni library which she made use of. Relatively happy, Xyex began to enjoy her title of Lady, and all that came with it.

The Fallen ShroudEdit

One thing that Ryazor was able to hide from his wife for quite some time, was his drinking problem. The man was often found drunk inside the confines of his home, the public unaware of his addiction. Xyex was able to manage with this problem, until she discovered she was pregnant. Maternal instincts began to kick in, and she began to question her husband and the Empire itself. Having not been raised within the Empire, Xyex held no obligation to it, or its people.  Emotionally pulling away from her boarish husband, Xyex realized that that the Empire was no place to raise children.

Soon Xyex began to plot an escape, to save her child. She would escape to Bellassa, but until then she would maintain the facade of a happily married woman. Only days before making her escape, her plans were foiled unintentionally by Ryazor. Stumbling into their bedroom Ryazor began to yell at her, telling her she never did anything of worth. The stress, and her proximity to giving birth, induced her labour two weeks early.

Now, her plans changed, Xyex had to wait until the boys were older, believing that infants would be harder to escape with than children. Having not one child, but in fact twins, Xeros and Azrael would leave with their mother when they learned to walk. When they were born, Xeros was his father's pride and joy, being extremely strong in the Force from birth. Azrael on the other hand was pushed aside, being born Force-blind.

The Life Altering DeathEdit

Approximetly two years after the boys were born, Ryazor in an intoxicated state, believed that Xyex was to blame for the Force-blind child they had together. Feeling that this was a disgrace to the family name and honour, he attempted to take her life. She fled, and in his drunk haze, he mistakenly beheaded one of the household servants who happened to be in the way. Feeling accomlished, Ryazor went to his room and passd out.

Xyex's compassion towards the servants throughout her time in the mansion ended up saving her life, as they had covered up the servant girl's death. They assisted in Xyex escaping and then led Lord Agni to believe that he had ended the life of his wife. Not caring for either Xyex or the servants, Ryazor did not dig deeper, or even notice the missing servant girl. To anyone outside the mansion though, there was a Sith Lord with a missing wife, who after several years, was believed to be dead.

In her haste, Xyex had to leave her boys behind, but vowed that someday she would be with them again. Escaping first to Bellassa and then finding passage by chance to Vornu, Xyex attempted to find work as an educator. Instead she found work with the Republic, seeing as how she now held extensive knowledge of the Empire, they offered her the opportunity to become an agent of the Republic as a covert operative. She accepted and was trained for three years on intelligence, security measures, slicing, pistol use and various body movement skills.

The Republic had required an agent stationed on Thustra, home of the Sephi race. Xyex with her extensive knowledge of cultures and etiquette, seemed like a perfect fit, so was sent with the cover of being an educator. She called herself Amarisa Niktohal, using the first name of her adopted mother, and the last name of her believed to be biological mother.

Teaching On ThustraEdit

Blending in and never being suspected due to her perfect cover as Amarisa Niktohal, Xyex was able to collect extensive intel on the Thustra slave trade. Although within a part of the Republic, Thustra had a nobel class that made use of human servants that were owned by the upper classes.

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