Varen Ydyel
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6th of Helona, 3659 BBY

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5'5" (165.1 cm)

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Second Great Galactic War

  • Republic of Free People
  • Muse Squadron
  • True Empire

(Slave under Darth Valerian's service)

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Varen Ydyel was the first child of four to a Corellian couple who sold and repaired droids. He was discovered to be Force-sensitive, but his parents did not want to give him up to the Jedi . He lived with his family for ten years before he was reluctantly given to the Order to be trained.

During his time with his family, Varen had displayed incredible Empathetic and Telephatic power to the point that it caused him sensory overload at prolonged periods of time when exposed to a great number of people. When it came to the point where Varen would have been taken away and given to a foster family (he would disappear from school and a civilian found him in alone in a street and called Child Services, since his parents couldn't exactly tell what the reason was, no one knew where he would go. Varen eventually admitted to be suffering from sensory overload due to his abilities), they instead gave him to the Jedi Order.

He studied under Urza Myr'na later on as a padawan at the age of thirteen. It seemed he was knighted before his master's death at 18 years old. Urza died due to a lung disease, specifically tuberculosis.

Puris AxiomEdit

From Tython, Varen was assigned to Vornu and studied under Master Isabelle Rieva.

Under Isabelle Rieva's initiation, Varen had shared his abilites on his first assignment; taught in the University of Coruscant in the second assignment ends up engaged in a chase of a thief in Coruscan Art Gallery); and then neutralization of a terrorist in Miralia. After the third mission, Vare was deemed fit to graduate by Master Isabelle Rieva and then he was assigned to the Order's Muse Squadron.

He first met Arkanus Serren and he is now waiting for his first summons. Varen is currently undergoing apprenticeship under Gil-ch Fallenstar.


During his apprenticeship with Fallenstar, Master Rieva assigned him in an information-gathering mission to search for Felony Serano. However, he was separated from his current master and was captured by slavers, kept in captivity for an unknown amount of time.

He reawoke months after with vague recollections of his identity, with obvious signs of missing long-term memory. He is currently abourd the Delirium and a slave to Darth Valerian.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Varen is extremely shy and mindful of people's opinions in fear of rejection. Despite this, however, Varen is a stubborn individual and he puts the lives of others before himself. He is also cautious and prefers to work in operations that won't put him in direct conflict or visiblity. 

When it comes to socializing, Varen is very uncomfortable with strangers, but he opens up to people he trusts. He also has problems speaking with other's face to face, with a tendency to stutter, but decreases the more he becomes comfortable with the presence of who he is talking to. He also loses his tendency to stutter and becomes passioned and animated when the topic of a conversation is something he likes or enjoys.

Varen also does not equate kindness with mercy and mercy with kindness. However, he does not view death to be the best outcome, only thinking of it as a final resort. The only times Varen thinks death could be applicable is if life is more of a suffering and burden to the person.

He doesn't like activities without any form of stability, believing that the lack of stability may lead to unwanted situations.

Varen had come to enjoy poetry under his Urza's tutelage and he would read and recite several to himself when alone.


Despite his lack of memory, Varen (now Ren) retained his kindness and inclination to put others before himself. However, it seems that he lost his aversion to direct conflict and stuttering when speaking with others.

Ren also displays a subconscious awareness of his memories, and is fully conscious that he cannot access any sort of long-term memory before waking up as a captive in a slaver's headquarters. 

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Varen is skilled with droidtech due to his background as a son of droid shop owners. He is also a capable programer and slicer. His skills in Ataru is satisfactory and he could hold his own for a certain amount of time. He is also able to pick up emotions and thoughts due to his Empathetic Proficiency and connection with the Force.