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Zellik Harr
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Biographical InformationEdit

Name: Zellik Harr

Age: 25
Homeworld: Naboo

Race: Human

Height: 6'3

Weight: 175 lbs.
Build: Athletic

Hair-color: Brown (short)

Eye-color: Brown

Skin-tone: Light Brown (caramel)

Jedi-Class: Guardian


-Lightsaber Combat (Ataru)
-Force Healing


Zellik was born on the Republic world of Naboo. Here he was raised by an agricultural based farming family. He spent much of his time playing and helping his father with the chores of the house hold, as well as attend to the livestock that surrounded them. Zellik greatly looked up to his father, whom, in his own eyes was a hero. A hero in that his father could provide for his family and a man who was held in high esteem throughout much of his career. Many spoke of Zellik's father as someone to go to not just for crops, but someone that could be trusted and confided in to do what was right. He was always a man of his word and stayed to the truth, even if such truths brought himself harm. Something that always stayed with Harr, was that a man was only worth as much as the work and dedication that they put into what they loved and cherished most. A question he was onced asked in his youth, "Are you happy with the life you are living? Cause if you aren't, best get to it on making it right. Life throws stones your way, but it's up to you if you'll stay there and take it like a man, or if you'll sway out of the way."

Probably the most interesting fact of this young individual was that he was force-sensitive, although his parents would never tell him and simply played it off that he was undergoing 'changes.' His parents knew very well what his powers could do, as well as who they would bring at their door step. However, given their poor reputation of the Jedi Order due to the rise of the Empire, they refused to allow their only son leave them. They feared for their son and what life he would live should he join the ranks. For where once the Order was seen as an opportunity to become a legend, now was seen as a curse that branded you the main reason for the vast problems of the galaxy. This was their view of the Jedi and the only thing that kept Zellik from ever being taken at a younger age then he should been. But then that was when the Force would send someone who would change everything.

After the Council had made their attempt of taking the young protégé; a Master would take a personal interest in the matter after having seen a vision of the boys future. Currently serving on the Jedi High Council, Master Vatal, an Arkanian near his prime, would be the very man to go to Naboo. His personal interest would prove to be most enlightening, even more so for him then it would for Harr and his family. As he arrived to their homestead, he would be greeted in almost every way any other Jedi would be greeted. With a blaster round whirling past his head. Master Vatal was a very skilled and experiences individual, but he had never been tasked with getting a new potential padawan of the Order. Such was more reserved for the Jedi Service Corps, at least in his eyes it was. After what seemed like hours of negotiating and avoiding blaster fire, Master Vatal felt like giving up and calling it a day. Until he caught something truly spectacular. There, off a few yards in the distance was a young boy, knelt down against a wounded new born fawn. The poor creature seemed to have broken its hind leg and was unable to rise on its own. Next to the boy was a young girl, a sister perhaps and in her hands was a small knife. She seemed ready to end the poor animals misery, but the brother was far different. He insisted they help it recover and soon the Jedi Master witnessed the young child attempting to use the Force to slowly mend the wound. However, the strain on the boy must have been much for his inexperience that he feinted a few moments later. Master Vatal took that opportunity to dash his way over and help, just moments before the father came over to do the same.

At first he was asked to leave, but when the Jedi Master used Force Heal to help the child alleviate the strain upon the boys body, the father was forced to allow the Jedi entry into their home. Master Vatal would come to understand the families concerns as well as be given the opportunity to speak to Zellik alone. Their conversation started slow, for the boy seemed untrusting toward the Jedi after all his parents had told him, but as time progressed and the Master payed regular visits, they soon grew on each other. In time even the family grew to liking the Jedi, but one specific moment would truly affect the Jedi Master and set a deep reputation for young Harr.

"Zellik, I have a question for you."

"What's that?"

"Well, do you remember the time you were helping that poor animal?"

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"Why did you refuse to let your sister kill it? Wouldn't it had made it easier on everyone?"

"Sometimes it isn't about what's easiest, but what's right, sir. My parents taught me that. I helped it because it was the right thing to do, what my sister was going to do was wrong."

"But why was it wrong? It was just an animal."

"Everything desires to live, no matter how big or how small. My sister was making a choice without even giving the poor thing a chance. Why are you asking this anyway? Shouldn't you already know the answer to this stuff? I mean..your a Jedi, protector of the lowly and keeper of peace and al that. Aren't you guys all for preservation of life?"

"Yes, you are right about that."

"Then answer me this, sir. Why is it that people keep dying under y'all's watch? Why aren't you guys doing something to end this war? You're supposed to be people of legends!"

"If only it were that simple.."

"Isn't it? I know if I was a Jedi..I'd do everything I could to end this war."

"We do, Zellik. Things just aren't what they used to be-"

"You don't get it! None of you do!! You all think people hate you because of your code and stuff, but isn't's because you guys won't even try! My parents hate you, the galaxy hates you, but I still have faith in you..all of you..just stop hiding and be the heroes we heard you were! Is that too much to ask?!"

Master Vatal would later become his mentor and for the next eight years the Jedi Master would become a second father to the young Harr who would come to grow in both knowledge and skill. Such skill would come to grow most specifically in lightsaber combat. However, despite his skill with a blade, Zellik would always revert to other means, always sticking to his belief in the preservation of life. A belief that even Master Vatal would stick to and even pass on to his future apprentices, believing that by passing on such knowledge the Jedi Order would become the epitome of what it once was so long ago. A dream and goal that Harr, and other Jedi like him could help achieve.

When he had reached the age of eighteen standard years, Zellik would at last be granted the opportunity by his master to undertake the Jedi Trials. Using every ounce of his aquired teachings and experience from past assignments and even missions he had taken with his master throughout the galaxy, Harr would pass said trials and be given the title of all those who passed such tests. With his newly aquired title of Jedi Knight, Zellik would go on to take the most challening and dangerous of missions. Most that would be dealing with the rising threat of the True Empire, as it was referred to by so many in the galaxy. His service in the Jedi Order would be renowned and many for one so young, but eventually he would be tasked with going to one particular place in need of such heroes as they took on the challenge of besting the Empire. The planet of Vornu would be such the place, but where he would be posted would truly be the challenge.

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